Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Sunday


Since arriving here we have celebrated Mass on Saturday vigil . Weekends have been super crazy so far and this Sunday we got to not be crazy.







Before I had these 6 kids I would often wonder what a day as a family , my family, would look like...

To have everyday look like this one...dream!!

Our first Sunday as a family in our new home.  Last weekend Pete had to fly all weekend..but this Sunday he was all ours...

So what did this day look like...

7:00:  I got up...No running today..YIPPY
got right in the shower. Pete was already upstairs having coffee.

8:00: Came upstairs.  It takes me 60 full minutes to get me all waste of time that I can't seem to live without...
I sat myself down and read a Southern Living magazine while Pete made breakfast.  I then started to think about wanting to visit all the small Southern towns they write about in that I closed the magazine.

9:00: Ran up to the store to get flour for Lucy to make cookies (her day in the baking rotation that we have established here)

9:30-:10:30...made cookies with Lucy and gravy by myself...

Pete took kids to lake to fish.  Emily and Molly went with him so they could walk  into town for a "pooh bear"..which is sweetened steamed milk.  They did a little shopping before returning to the lake to meet up with Pete

10:30 after I finished cleaning up kitchen Drew and I walked into town to see the kids fish.  We basically walked there, said hi and walked back home.  Drew by the lake was not exactly relaxing.

12:00- 1:00..fed kids on the deck

1:00-3:00:  Pete and I had a date ...we went back into town where he got a few things he needed and I got some knitting needles...because Praise God there is a knitting store on this lovely little island

3:00-5:00 Just did STUFF...picked up laundry, played with Drew, chatted with Emily...laughed with Pete. Sat outside with Pete chatting and drinking a Coors Lite trying to plan our fire pit outside.

5:30-6:30 Ate dinner....

Pete had to leave with Jack to take him to the shooting range with his buddy to let Jack start to learn to shoot a gun.  Pete is taking Jack on a moose hunt in the fall.  First time for Pete..... and Jack gets to go.

I stayed behind and bathed kids, swept the floor and said Rosary with girls....

For some reason I just felt so lucky today...lucky to live here...with these people this moment..

I just wanted to freeze this day.  Feel this joy for long last.

And now I write this while Pete just put on Lincoln.  We will go to bed in the bright light...The light will finally fade about 12:00 and begin to rise at 3:30.  There is light all day and most of the night.  And as glorious as the light is..sometimes we would like it to stay darker longer.







  1. Is there no Catholic church where you live? Or did ogu go to a vigil Mass? blessings, Allison

    1. We did go to Saturday night mass. We have been the last few weeks. We always change it up!!!

  2. We love the Saturday night Mass ritual. It starts with confession, then Rosary, then Mass. We've been doing this for over 2 years now and it really sets the tone for the rest of the weekend - we love it. Sunday's are always perfectly lazy and full of family time. It sounds like yours was just perfect!
    I love that you could walk to where they were fishing, sounds like the perfect place to be living!

    1. Yes... We have to get back to going to confession more often. It was so hard is VA because the lines were so long... Praise God... But it was hard to wait and plan. Here that is not an issue

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  4. Ok. Trying this again. My kindle made one really odd word substitution as I'm sure you saw! Ach!

    It sounds like a perfect day to me, too. I would love to be close enough to town to walk. Of course, our town is so big that the town is just cutesie shops and everything you really need is on the outskirts. ;-)

    Enjoy each moment, and then when the moment is not so great, enjoy the memories you made during the great ones!

    PS sounds like you should have room darkening shades!

  5. What a nice (long) day! I remember thinking the days in North Dakota were so long...but it was always dark there by 11...

    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. It is not so bad on rainy nights but when the sky is clear and blue the light never seems to be completely away!!

  6. Barbara,

    That is exactly what I was thinking yesterday. I needed to write about my feeling of complete happiness so I would be able to go back and see those words when I needed to.

    I do need shades. The kids all have them but Pete and I want new bedding so we don't want to buy curtains (there are already wood blinds on the windows) until we know what we are buying..SOON I hope!!

  7. Where did you get the Tea Set in your pictures? I love it!

    1. I got it at a garage sale!! It is so cute. Thanks !!

  8. Can't wait to see more pictures of the house. I used to live in Juneau and I love seeing the different houses that are in Alaska.