Sunday, June 16, 2013

Operation Move To Alaska is Complete

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There were times during our 9 day drive across North America I thought I would never blog again.  What kind of blogger packs their camera away so deep in the car that they have NO ACCESS to it for the entire drive...through Wisconsin, North Dakota, even through our 5 day Canadian adventure??  Not a very good one.

But I was in "enjoy and survive" mode..and in my mind snapping pictures was not an option in that mode.  But...we had a GREAT time.  Minus the endless hours in the car...we saw amazing things and did some cool stuff.

We are here now...HOME!!  As soon as we pulled in on the Ferry I knew this was the exact right thing for our family !!  And now boxes are unpacked, pictures are hung and Mass has been attended.  We are well on our way to really soaking all this in...and that is why yesterday I was able to bring my camera ....

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Some Stats:

Sitka Alaska: Population8,952:  plus 8 more as of June 11

The City and Borough of Sitka, formerly New Archangel under Russian rule, is a unified city-borough located on Baranof Island and the southern half of Chichagof Island in the Alexander Archipelago of the Pacific Ocean, in the U.S. state of Alaska.

Climate. Yes, Sitka gets a lot of rain, over 80 inches per it rains almost EVERY day at some point.  Right now we are having SUN, SUN, SUN and we are happy..happy...happy!!

Our Drive:

Day 1:  Baltimore to Cranberry Pennsylvania

Day 2:  Cranberry to Notre Dame in South Bend far my favorite place that we stopped.  Mass was amazing and the campus incredible .  

Day 3:  South Bend to Wisconsin Dells.....such a GREAT place for families.  We had a GREAT time!!

Day 4:  Wisconsin Dells to Fargo North Dakota

Day 5:  Fargo to Moose Jaw, Canada

Day 6:  Moose Jaw to Calgary Canada

Day 7: Calgary to Prince George

Day 8:  Prince George to Smither's (sweet little Canadian mountain town in BC...loved it there)

Day 9:  Smither's to Prince Rupert Canada where we got on the Ferry for our 2 day cruise to Sitka

Day 10:  Ferry...stopping in Petersburg, Kake, and Wrangell Alaska

Day 11:  Land and kiss the ground in Sitka!!!

....whole route could not fit in picture but you get the idea...long distance.....lots of driving.


  1. Lisa, What an adventure! I commend you greatly on the memories you are building for your children and the things the children will learn about themselves on your travels. Witnessing your own personal growth along with your children's is inspiring. All things good to you, Pete and the family in Alaska....

  2. Oh my, your pictures of Alaska are just gorgeous...all your photography is beautiful, but I love, love, LOVE that shot of the beach with the mountain in the background.
    Thanks for driving through Canada, eh?! :)
    I've followed your blog for quite awhile now and I believe this is my first comment. And yes, I am Canadian! :)

  3. Congratulations on a great adventure! I've been wondering where you were and envisioned a drive through some amazing country. Looking forward to many more wonderful pictures and news about life in Alaska. So glad you had a safe journey.

  4. Glad you arrived safely. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures in Alaska.

  5. Glad you made it safe and sound! Miss y'all here! Missed your 'end of May visit'!
    God bless you and your whole family! Tell the kids we said hi!

  6. That brings back fond memories. Our family moved from Savannah, GA, to Anchorage, AK, back in 1980. We drove, camped each night, and visited every national park along the way.

  7. Wow! Wish we were there , , , I just shared one of our Alaska photo albums with a family we were visiting. Heartbreakingly beautiful! I want to meet you at Mosquito Cove for a cookout and then get lost on Magic Island.

    May God bless you all on this next stage of life. Soak up every glorious moment!


  8. You moved??? I'm new to your blog but missed this news - and what a big move too! I look forward to reading all about your Alaska adventures!

  9. Alaska looks AMAZING! What an adventure