Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trying Harder




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We have gotten to visit with lots of family while we have been on this 6 week adventure.  Taking this time in Florida before we move up north has been a once in a lifetime chance.  We have lived with Pete's dad for most of it.  And the kids have slept 5 to a room for several weeks now.  Overall we have gained more through this than I imagined.

In the midst of the struggle I know there is growth..... and all of us need that sometimes.

The best part of all of this is I have been blessed by seeing cousins, Aunts and Uncles; and all of them encouraging me with such kind words.  Telling me they enjoy my kids and wonder at my ability to do it.

These types of statements strike me on 2 levels.  The first level, I don't think I am doing that great: should have seen me loose it this morning when I found a ROLL of toilet tissue soaking on the bathroom floor that was drenched with water because somebody did not close the shower curtain for the 900th time.  My ability to "do it" was not at its best at that moment

....or the afternoon when I may have gone crazy when I noticed Lucy had dumped a bucket of DIRT in dad's hot tub....Not sure I was being the mom God created me to be at that moment....When hearing the sweet comments of my family I mostly feel...unworthy....

The next emotion is somebody complimenting the kids manners I am convicted to use my own manners WITH THEM being complimented on handling tattling well...I am convicted to try harder...more often.  By my family saying nice things to me about me being a mom... it makes me want to be a BETTER mom.

Saying nice things, making people feel matters.  It helps!  It feels good!!

I have had this thought with me often when I have sat in the cry room with Drew these last few weeks (as we have hit AWFUL baby at mass phase).  I see these young mama's working hard to keep their kids functioning through mass.  I see them feeling completely deflated and I want to encourage ALL of them.... You are doing a good job.  You are here!!  You are trying...keep trying...I say a little prayer of peace for them ...and then I go back to trying to not feel deflated myself.

I am trying.  When people say nice things it makes me want to try harder....Let me go now and say some nice things to my little people who probably need to try harder....


  1. It is always a wonderful feeling and moment to stand up tall when you get a compliment from a stranger in a store and a even better feeling when you get a compliment from your loved ones. I'm glad you have enjoyed yiur time with your loved ones before your next big move. Best wishes....

  2. I know what you mean about feeling unworthy of the compliments because I can see how often I fail at mothering - yet, there are also times when someone is being overly critical and I find myself getting all defensive too...I'm bipolar that way, LOL.
    Looks like such a great family trip, I love the photos of the kids fishing. I really need to take my kids to do that, we moved 3 years ago and we still have not taken them to a local lake for fishing (see there, that is the not feeling worthy thing coming out...your not alone)

  3. I miss you, Lisa! I just caught up on your blog and feel like I got my "Lisa fix." Prayers for you and upcoming decisions!

    -Devin ;)

    1. Miss you too!!! I'm really missing some knitting. Being pool side does not inspire wool cravings...soon!!