Monday, April 1, 2013

The Beginning Of The End

I'm kinda an impatient gal.  I know that about me.  I do prefer things to move at a quick clip. This move has delivered.  Things are moving along at a brisk pace and if I stop and allow my tired self to admit, I much prefer it this way.



We started hearing grumblings of Pete's possible transfer in the beginning of February.  But it took about 4 weeks to get the official word.  And then as of last Monday our house closed and our movers FINALLY got confirmed for April 10.



Meanwhile I have been getting us slimmed down.  We have been fortunate to live in a home with plenty of room.  And since we were here I enjoyed filling the rooms with things I love.  But our new place is much smaller and not as much "gear" can make the journey with us.  And once again I must admit..I like the slimming down feeling.  I like taking us from to much to just right.  It feels good. Plus it has been fun gifting people with all sorts of stuff.  We've sold, giving away or donated so much stuff in the last 6 weeks that when I look for something I have to stop and think if we still own it.



We have moved before.  But for various reasons I am doing the bulk of the move without Pete.  We will drive to Alaska together the beginning of June but until then I am the sole conductor of this move.  And for whatever reason I have been able to remain mostly calm and excited for the task at hand....well unless you count the 2 week period that we had NO mover and the house HAS to be EMPTY by April 15th...I may have been a little CRAZY, OUT OF MY MIND WITH WORRY about that minor detail.  But now that we have passed that little glitch I feel like I could move the world!!  I have found movers to be helpful when needing to MOVE.




And now I do feel myself getting a little..sad!  I am sad to be leaving .  I am excited to go...but sad to leave  And while I have been going through so much stuff I find myself getting sad when I go through home school books.  I feel like I'm visiting an old friend that I miss.  Cleaning out the girls desk made me extra sad.  The time and hours we spent at those desks.

I have a plan for trying to blog a little bit more about the details of this very exciting adventure.  This will be our 2nd time taking this 3500  mile, 54 hour journey and I wish I could remember more of the last time we went.


  1. I know allll about moving...we've moved 11 times in 12 years of marriage :( I'm praying that your transition is smooth & things feel like home SOON!! (I've loved your blog for forever...I'm just a bad "commenter" - trying to get better!)

  2. ...May the Lord Bless you and keep you and your family during this long move!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  3. I love your updates! Our son just accepted an AFROTC scholarship so it's interesting to follow you and know what he has in store for the future. I've been reading to learn a lot, but even though we've been military for over twenty years, guard and reserves are totally different than active duty. Does the April move mean temporary housing for a while? That could be tough!

  4. Lisa, I'm so glad things are falling into place, but I have to say, you are one tough cookie for doing all this without Pete! I can't imagine... although I'm doing similar things here. At least Scott will be home before the movers come for us. I wish you all the best in getting everything done! I truly regret not seeing you but once since we've been this close!