Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I may have asked myself one, two or a hundred times, why am I traveling around Florida with 6 kids and no husband for 6 weeks??  Oh yeah..we sold the house and they actually had the nerve of wanting to LIVE IN IT, QUICKLY!!





 Plus, once we sold the house I could not get out fast enough.  Each time I smelled nail polish I ran around like a mad woman...."Where is that smell coming from??"  Kids would have to line up and show me fingers and toes just to convince me all I was smelling was FEAR of spilled nail polish.





But, no matter the motivation, correct timing, what if's...we are packed out and officially NOT living in Virginia.  It still does not seem all that real to me.  I just keep thinking of the moments RIGHT in front of me because...dude there is a lot going on right in front of me.







We managed to see some friends in North Carolina that probably never thought their  house so peaceful as the moment we left.  I had such a great time staying up way to late, drinking way to much and loving every minute.  We have been friends for 12 years and don't see each other often but when we hug it's like a day never friends like that..LOVE IT!!! Our kids rocked it out too...which makes lovin' friends all the more fun. I just wish I could pack these people up with us and take them along.






After leaving their house I had a GRAND idea of having lunch in Savannah at Lady and Son's.  Perfectly reasonable thought after being on the road for several days.  Drew puked about an hour outside of Savannah   and I thought..."poor guy...getting car sick".. Cleaned up and pressed on.



I park in Savannah and get so excited I leave all diapers, wipes, bibs, bottles, in the car.  Practically RUN down the road asking the kids every 5 seconds if they are as excited as I am..."look guys..a horse and buggy..."  "look guys ...".  I have Drew strapped to my back.  By the grace of God, and a hostess who felt bad for me after double checking when I said 6 kids, 1 adult, we got to eat at Paula Dean's restaurant.  I sit everyone down and I suddenly start smelling something I would rather not have smelled.  Drew had a big know what ...all in the backpack.




Here I was in a SUPER crowded restaurant seated with super hungry kids and more than a few eyes on us.  I pressed on.  I ate collard greens and fried chicken like it was my job.

 I held Drew and kept looking at the bathroom door for a mom who may have remember wipes and a diaper.  Finally when I saw a SUPER prepared mom of 1 child I was THRILLED.  Got a fresh diaper, rolled up his dirty shirt so no goo was on him and finished desert.

  Finally, got a picture, paid way to much and proceeded out the door holding my very smelly baby, and 5 other ketchup faced disheveled kids.  Some how I loved every minute...I am in a moment in time where things can not be any worse...but at the same time.....   what a great time I was having.


Our waiter was a giant man ..he was so tall we all had to REALLY look up that high.


After leaving a carriage driver asked us if we wanted a free ride around the block...ahh...yeah!!!


But before you think I have done this with no hitches..only smiles and sunshine....please know that since I have begun this journey I have gotten mad at Pete 2 times for really no reason, spent a bit more money that was on one of his projection spreadsheets (remember drinking with above mentioned friend???), and snapped at children for REALLY silly things.





I talked to Pete tonight and he said he thought some times we may move to fast when we make big decisions.  I think I may agree..but I don't know any other way.  I move fast.  Sometimes it helps, sometimes    ...not so much.  Only time will tell in this situation.





But seeing cousins, and my mom, and watching myself REALLY have to PRACTICE patience I know that good will come from this no matter what.  It has to.  This is hard.  But a good hard.  A fun hard.  And right now a tiring hard.  But I want to be tired because I lived a full day.  I want to lay down and crash because I packed in lots of love, laughs, mistakes and memories. Not be tired of waiting!!

Just an interesting side note:
My most viewed post is this one.
It's just funny to be so far from that moment but yet remember it so clearly.  Why is this post the most viewed?  How do people come across this particular post...maybe the title, "I Blew It"...everybody likes those kind of stories.  The funny thing is...I could title most of my posts that way....
Molly dropped a plate of spaghetti  I got mad...I BLEW IT!!
Emily climbed over the couch.  I got mad....I BLEW IT!!!
Lucy told me she does not feel good.  I make her come to the playground anyway, she throws up.  I BLEW IT!!

The list goes on and on...we miss so many opportunities to NOT blow it.  I just think it's more fun to remember the times when I MAY NOT HAVE BLOWN IT AS BAD AS OTHERS!!!


  1. Lisa-
    I have enjoyed reading your blog this past week. It makes me feel better to know I am not losing my mind with my kids!!! You have so much on your plate and still seem to manage to have a great time with your kids. That's what it's all about!!! Have fun with your family :-)

  2. Lisa,
    I am so proud of you. There are not a whole lot of gals out there that will take their kids on the road for 3 months while their husband is away. Thank you for taking care of our children with love and dignity. I love you very much! pete

  3. I loved this post - made me laugh out loud at points! Well done to you! All the time still looking fabulous! x

  4. You are such an amazing mama. What awesome memories you are making! As always, I'm so inspired. Happy adventuring!

  5. Way to go Lisa! Welcome to FL! It looks like you are in Jax, which is where I live. I have 5 of my own and if you want to meet at a park or something let me know ( Keep enjoying the adventure and think of what a great Christmas letter you will be able to write.

  6. Great post! Decided to check in today and I'm glad I did. I love hearing about your adventures. Is your little Man walking yet? Mine is NOT!!! Your pictures are beautiful and so are the kids.

  7. Lisa! The house is WAY too quiet with you gone. You can come back ANY time! My favorite line of this post is "I ate collard greens and fried chicken like it was my job" You are so funny and can always put a smile on my face even on one of my darkest days. :-) Love you all!