Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Lyme's








At this moment 3 of my 6 children have tested positive for Lyme's.  Lucy the first fall we were here..very traumatic !  Jack this fall, another trauma. And now my little Molly!  And poor Molly.  I must pray my way through this guilt...she definitely is my child who feels sick, tired, hungry the most.  Some of it is just Molly. She is just sweetness and softness so things bother her quicker and deeper.

And because of this I allowed her symptoms to go on MUCH longer than I should have...

I can imagine you thinking we are these REALLY dirty people who don't know when a tick is living among
us.  But I promise you that is not the case.  We do nightly checks...we bath all the time.  The kids lived in the pool this summer and very little out in the woods.  When??  Where??

When her knees were hurting and headaches were consistent I got that feeling...but I should have know sooner.

When Pete told me he had to leave for training for 10 weeks prior to our move. I thought...I can handle moving on my own...what's the big deal??

If it were happening in a vacuum it may be no big deal but daughters having Lyme's, babies puking at the Target checkout when you just finished struggling through the store for an hour, having 7 people to pack for, trying to patch and paint the 1 million nail holes I seemed to have made makes me really need my Pete at the end of the day.  I should have known life was going to keep being life during this...

Molly is fine and Jack and Lucy are fine for that matter.  I just hope that Lyme's does not cause further damage to them in the future.  I hope I have done enough.  I hope when the medicine runs out it is enough...Is it?


  1. Make sure you aren't too hard on yourself! It's happened to other large families I know. Prayers your way!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your children. It sounds like the ticks are in your area. I have had several rounds of antibiotics for precautionary treatment after finding ticks. The problem with deer ticks is that they are so incredibly small, they can be anywhere. I didn't have to move when John has been on extended deployments, but it does seem like that's when the super hard stuff happens and there isn't anyone there to help. It's when I've had to reach down inside to do things I never thought I would have to or even could do. I know what kind of strength it takes to be a military are in my prayers. I know your journey to Alaska probably won't run through eastern Kentucky, but if you do and need a stop over, I have plenty of room:)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and words

  3. After reading your blog today I prayed one Hail Mary, one Our Father and one Glory Be prayer for your children and you. Whenever I need extra strength for difficult situations I say " Jesus, I Trust In You!" (it's on the front of my prayer card for The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy) my children are college students, so I say it many times throughout the day since I worry about them! It is very calming. Do not worry, the Lord will carry you when your way becomes too much!!!

  4. Oh, that sounds so hard. Mamas can only do so much. I only have 3 kids and 10 weeks sounds like an eternity to me.

    Many prayers for a complete and quick recovery.