Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lessons From A Popsicle







I am in the middles of living the days that we so long have wondered about.  Pete and I, like many military families, are always speculating the next move...where to??  when??  how??

And here I am in the where, when , how of our many conversations.  Kind of a neat place to be.  It feels ... fulfilling.  Like this story was just sitting here waiting for us to arrive...all the parts in place.

I sit with boxes piled up and beds on the floor.  Exciting kids waiting for the adventure to begin.  Lots of unknown before  us.

I have been given this great gift of time...about 6 weeks to just visit with my kids and family and friends...before we leave for Alaska.

Yesterday felt like the beginning of all that ...just me and the kids and no way to cook dinner.  I had a grand vision...happy mom with no real work to accomplish. Wanting to share my happy moment I handed all my happy little packed up kids Popsicles.  I then walked away smiling and loving the green lips and happy faces.

Seconds later I come back NOT LOVING IT AT ALL....spilled all over the front porch, that no longer belongs to me is green lip staining Popsicle juice...red cherry pools  .  An instant reminder that fun with kids at this age takes considered patience...planning...supervision....clear expectations....time...and cleaning supplies!!

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  1. Ha! I have those moments all the time, and I never learn!! :) For 30 small seconds everyone seems happy and it all just makes sense.....then reality sets in! so what exactly are y'all doing for the next 6wks??