Sunday, March 3, 2013








 Really...I have to be thinking all day.."Hold it together here Lease!!"

 And I don't think I am doing that GREAT of a job. I think the worry and wonder is front loaded in this situation...

 When is this house going to sell??

 When should we catch the Ferry?

 Should we buy or rent in Sitka?

 Should I buy Hunter boots or BOG boots??

 Big, life changing questions all needing to be answered by..JUNE!!!

 So...why am I FREAKING out now...March 3rd??

 I'd like to say that I have nothing else to do but sit around and worry...but I really should be doing a few other things. I just can't seem to think what else to do?

 Hopefully this week I find my least a better groove then the one I have been rockin'.

 p.s all of a sudden I feel like I have A LOT of kids....trying to show this house everyday makes these 6 kids feel like 16...

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  1. ok, ok, breathe! No, slower. :}
    Only think about the things that you can give an answer for. When will your house sell? Don't know. Let it happen. (yeah, alright for me to say, I'm already living in my new home. Ask me to remember how I felt during the 50 million showings)

    As for the boots... I'm in the same quandry. I think I will go for the full on rubber boot by Hunter. I see myself going past my ankles in the wet and the bogs just don't cover enough leg before I would get wet.

    Our real estate agent staged our house and had 2 cute stuffed animals on the kids beds. They Adored them. She promised to give them to them if they kept the house tidy. They worked very hard to do that before they left for school. It worked. and they got their new friends. I don't know, maybe a shot?

    Hey, breathe again. It is overwhelming, but it will be done in a few months? I just told myself that it was going to be a steady job until it was over. I got through it. You will too. And you will bask in your doneness. cheers