Monday, March 18, 2013

Time Flies




I left, sold a house, bought a house, took a REALLY long flight and took not one picture worth sharing.

I dragged my camera with me several places and never thought to take a picture.  And to think I was in the most beautiful place I've ever seen...I should be ashamed.

My mind has been racing and not a moment goes by without several things being processed.

I know some of you are new here today because Ginny showed you her super cute hutch...

....which by the way looks great.  And rest assured the stroke marks will lessen with the curing the paint does over the next few weeks.  And for some reason sanding edges makes it look purposefulness NOT perfect.  But I love the gray.  Great color!!

I have spent the last few days getting rid of lots of the furniture that I had filling these halls.  Makes me a little sad.  With each piece I give away I feel like I am loosing a little part of our past.  But then again I have Pete here to remind me that I have no trouble filling a house FULL of furniture I love.

Thanks for stopping by.  I'm sure you all adore Ginny as much as I do...yet another reason I will be sad to bid farewell to Virginia...and I think I am missing our prom date.....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Little Bit Of Normal

I'm not sure I know what normal feels like right now.  But the last 2 days I tried to find a bit of it.  Picking up the knitting needles REALLY helped.

We had lots of showing last week and over the weekend but no bites yet.  The last few days have been quiet and I have made a few changes to what we now call home.  Lots of people don't need 7 bedrooms...I realize that.  Most people don't need a table to seat 8 EVERY night.  That is what we have had and I have loved it.  But most people see that and think..."''wow..I don't need all that!!!  I don't have 6 kids!!"...
So we made some changes, flipped some bedrooms, made an upstairs office and playroom...and now I have a master bedroom, 3 kids rooms, an upstairs play/TV room, guest room, office!!  Perfect!!

Actually since we consolidated kids into 3 rooms they have LOVED it!!  I hope they is about to get a lot more...consolidated for all of us!!




But we are really excited about it!!  ALL OF IT!!  Moving all of us logistically...not super excited about...but EXCITED!!!

This will be the first move I execute all by myself.  Pete has a 10 week training course he leaves for soon and then we meet up end of May before we depart for Canada and our ferry ride to Sitka.  So some days you may or may not hear me feeling a bit...out of sorts.  But really...what is the big deal...1 kid or 6...moving takes work and things are exciting, hard, fun and I can do this.








We can do this!!

  And this weekend begins my adventure.  I am leaving Friday for Alaska.  A quick visit to hopefully find a place for us to live.  And while I leave here with the house not sold and probably a weekend full of showings I am hopeful for good news next week...if not good news, then just more news.  I love watching this puzzle fall into place.  It feel like a puzzle...with several pieces hidden while you are DYING to figure out what the whole thing will look like....

I've never been a fan of puzzles!!!








But right now I kinda like this part...a little bit of hope, little bit of fear, lots of excitement, and the wonder of the unknown...

Sunday, March 3, 2013








 Really...I have to be thinking all day.."Hold it together here Lease!!"

 And I don't think I am doing that GREAT of a job. I think the worry and wonder is front loaded in this situation...

 When is this house going to sell??

 When should we catch the Ferry?

 Should we buy or rent in Sitka?

 Should I buy Hunter boots or BOG boots??

 Big, life changing questions all needing to be answered by..JUNE!!!

 So...why am I FREAKING out now...March 3rd??

 I'd like to say that I have nothing else to do but sit around and worry...but I really should be doing a few other things. I just can't seem to think what else to do?

 Hopefully this week I find my least a better groove then the one I have been rockin'.

 p.s all of a sudden I feel like I have A LOT of kids....trying to show this house everyday makes these 6 kids feel like 16...