Friday, February 15, 2013


I've made my fair share of mistakes with my little side business...It is funny how quickly mistakes add up.  Sometimes they have not been my fault EXACTLY...but because I am selling something to is MY FAULT...




This desk has a to hear it??

Well..I bought this desk as a risk.  I sometimes get so excited that I don't always think through .  For example, do people looking on Craig's List want an old adorable desk painted white??  My answer is..."I would!!" So I bought it.  It was SUPER shiny, dark wood...super UGLY.  But I knew with 100 coats of white paint I could make her pretty again.

But when I got home bigger and better projects jumped before shiny desk.  I let shiny desk sit in my garage for a few weeks as I let other, cuter, pieces cut in front of her.  (Pete and I name the pieces because they each have something that makes them stand out..shiny desk, ugly dresser, big boy, gray guy)



Finally I got down to business and painted shiny desk..and FELL IN LOVE WITH HER!!!  It looked so good.  I redid a chair with some fresh fabric and I kinda was REALLY proud of myself.  There was a lady I had been e-mailing about a dresser and she said she was looking for something kinda art-deco.  Even though she did not ask for a desk, I emailed her a picture of this desk just to  show her because I was so excited!!  She bought it right away.

Although I was happy to make the cash, I really like hanging out with these pieces a few days..pretend I can keep them..ALL!!  But the next day we met and she drove away with the sweetest little dresser and chair.  I was excited for her..and for me.  I kept thinking..."People really like the stuff I sell them...yippy for me!!!"

I go home and she e-mails me..the desk broke as she was getting it up her stairs....

My heart sank...oh my!!  I called her right away.  She said as she was going up her stairs one side just CAME completely detached from the rest of the desk..and on top of that it looked like there had been some warping on the inside panel.

Now...I had hauled this thing from store to home, car to garage, garage to inside to paint, outside to sand, back inside to take pictures, back to my car and into her car and never had it even CREAKED or looked weak or near to breaking.




But I felt awful.  She was a little suspect of me that I may have sold her the desk knowing there was something wrong with it.  But I did not.  She was really nice about it saying her boyfriend would be able to fix it.
But it took me a good few days to not feel awful for that happening to her...

She has since e-mailed me assuring me she LOVES the look of the desk and it is SO cute!!  It is perfect for her DC apartment and her boyfriend is coming this weekend to fix it.  She was like the nicest disgruntled customer EVER,


The stuff I buy is old.  I try to make sure it is in good shape by pulling on drawers and glancing around back.  That is about the level of my inspection .
But this week a new issue has arisen that I had not thought of...

Ginny asked if I could keep my eye out for a dresser.  I know Ginny is tight on space so I was looking for something on the smaller side.  Monday I found the perfect piece.  Bought it, put it in the sewing room (which has turned into the painting room).  And about an hour later my whole downstairs REEKED!!  It smelled like this dresser lived in a tobacco factory.  I started painting it thinking the paint would help..and after 4 coats I can still smell smoke!! Needless to say, I will be looking for a new Ginny dresser and using my nose as one of the inspection tools during furniture finds!!

I am sure after this dresser lives here and rehabilitates itself it may loose the smoke smell...but until then every time I walk by it I feel like I should see my grandma smoking in her New York kitchen while I watched TV on her plastic covered couch!!


  1. Lisa,

    Go to Home Depot, Lowe's or possibly a paint store. Tell the people in the paint Dept. That you are painting furniture with smoke smell, they can show you paint to use to either get rid of the smell or cover it up.


  2. I love the look of everything you are painting! Do you paint everything you sell white? You're making me want to paint some of my furniture :)

  3. Everything that I paint I try and paint it white. I like what white does to a piece of furniture!!