Monday, February 18, 2013

Little House That Grew And Went Back To Alaska


So..the waiting is over. Now a new type of waiting begins.

 We are moving to Alaska. A COMPLETELY unexpected change of LIFE has come to our door and now we...go!!

 We had planned on being here in Virginia for at least 4 more years as Pete just checked into his new job. But God, and the Coast Guard had different plans for us.

 So now we clean, pack, and hope. Hope to sell this house that we LOVE!! Hope to find a house in Alaska to LOVE...and just hope!!

 I have put my white paint brush aside for the time being and now shift my time to getting our family ready to move back to a place that we so loved. But it is with a heavy heart that we prepare to leave a place we have come to love too..

. Such is the life with this cute guy I married. Who knew when he was home from the Coast Guard Academy and asked me to marry him that we would get to have this completely, unexpected WONDERFUL life...

 I have spent the weekend taking so many pictures of this house as we prepare to sell it..wanna see some??


DSC_0224Molly's room


Jack's room


Our basement which I never take a picture in because it has not that great light...but here it is!!


Lucy's room


Emily's room (made the chalk board for her for Christmas..been meaning to tell you guys that)


Priscilla's room (made the Dream sign too)


Sewing room that I am so sad to leave...once in a lifetime chance. It was great!!


Living guys have seen this a million times!!






Oh...and our bedroom


And then I took some pictures of the bathroom and I hate those..because REALLY..a bathroom..we all know what is included there!!!

So that is why I was kinda freaking out for a month.  Moving. Leaving. It kinda stressed me out.  But all that is behind me and now on to moving forward.


  1. WOW....that is a good thing and now what will happen with schooling the kiddos?Will you continue with PS or pick back p with Homeschooling?Your house is soooooo BEAUTIFUL,you did a great job.

  2. We are now 7 months in our new home. And it feels good. Almost all of the seasons under our belt. It was an overwhelming task to get here, but focus on the end result and take one day, one hour at a time.

    One thing is certain, you can't stop time, so it shall pass. And all the stress and moments of uncertainty will have passed too! Best to you all on your new adventure.

  3. How wonderfully exciting for your family! I have heard that Alaska is beautiful and while I haven't been there I have lived in Northen BC most of my life. If you ever happen to be driving through BC please let me know. We'd be happy to be a "rest stop" for your family.

  4. Lisa, I am so happy for y'all! I know how Alaska has such a special place in your heart! Your family will continue to be in our prayers as you prepare for this move....but lets be honest - if anyone knows how to prepare you guys do! Happy Moving :)

  5. Wow Alaska! That will be so exciting! And may I ask where you got your living room rug?? I LOVE it!

  6. Congratulations, Lisa! How exciting for you! We're moving to a different type of paradise, but I must say I'm a little bit jealous! Enjoy every minute in Alaska! I can't wait to live vicariously through your blog! :-)

  7. Congratulations Lisa! What a fun adventure.

  8. Hey, we will practically be neighbors! So excited for you. Your house is beautiful. (How do you manage to have NO clutter?) I bet you will have no trouble selling it. Welcome back to Alaska!

  9. Just saw this video and shed a little tear! As if you weren't excited enough, this will make you thrilled to be going back! :-)