Friday, February 8, 2013

Doing Those Things




I have been trying to get myself out of a 2 week little ditch but I have to admit I am not having that much success.  I have been trying to do all the little things that I know will often help put my mind back on track...but adjustment just yet.

 However, I feel more hopeful today that I am at the end of this little visit to dumpsville...





What are some of those things I try and do to get myself feeling like myself ...

This go around I::

 :: went to mass almost everyday...the grace is there I know, but the feeling it was not.

::  baked cookies for the kids to have after school...yummy but crumbs everywhere and that was not my intended goal.

:: clean floors...they stay that way for about 30 that was not the trick...

:: date with because I had a captive quiet audience I wound up just crying to him...not fun for him...and did nothing for me either.





:: took pictures of kids and looked at old ones...that was helpful...

:: went on longer walks in the morning...helpful but not enough...

:: talked to my mom and my friend Jane..

:: had several stern talks with myself saying how ridiculous this gloom is and that you can change your feelings by changing your choices..that is helping believe it or not.

I realize I have to start acting like I am not in a gloom and then by God's grace I will stop feeling like I am in a gloom...this works for me (sometimes) .




 I am kinda an action girl.  When I know I need to do something I have to take action right away.  Part of this gloom though is based on the impending actions of others and clearly they do not have the same urgency I do..shame on them...




Next on my list of "Those Things"

:: home made pizza for dinner

:: clean floors for Pete to come home to..making him happy makes me happy!!

:: movie night in the basement..lights out.

:: early morning walk with a shower before everyone wakes up.

:: laundry caught up with for a less messy Saturday morning.

:: REMEMBER TO LOVE THESE LITTLE SOULS..just LOVE them .  I can not fix all of everything about them...I can not be perfect and complete for all of them at all the same time...but I can have LOVE for them and show that in ALL that I do for them and around them...

I'll try to come back here and tell you how I did...


  1. Pray and persevere :) And as Padre Pio says: "Pray, Hope and don't worry" :) Read some stories about Padre Pio. He always cheers me up :) God uses these times to make us stronger!

  2. I have struggled with depression nearly my whole life. Therapy works, prayer works and medication works.

    Please don't think this all is a matter of willpower.
    This might be a brain chemical thing, as it is with me. And there is no shame in brain medication.

    Have you read John Janaro? I recommend it!

  3. And you know, some of this just may be the winter doldrums! We need more sunshine and put a pot of Pansies for a little color where you can see it!

  4. I just wanted to say I read this on my reader a while back, and came back to see how you were doing. I've been struggling the past few months with this same issue - not sure it is situational or seasonal depression....or that our family crisis has caught up to my spirit. But, I could have written this post...except, I don't have the energy to write this post - HA!! So, I will link up to it.

    I just wanted to say, "Thank you" for your honesty. It is so nice to know one is not alone.

    God IS with you...I know I'm the one spiritual dry right now, not forsaken. That's all I can cling to. God is GOOD!

    Much love!