Tuesday, January 29, 2013

White Market Goods


















So I would like to introduce you to my new little venture..White Market Goods.  I told you guys I started selling some stuff on Craig's List and this here is my inventory.  I have sold everything you see plus one more piece that I never got a great picture of because it sold before I could put an add up.

Some of you who have been my friend for awhile know that I have painted furniture for some time...like 10 years time. My first piece was way back in San Diego... and I used a can of spray paint.  I have gone through many stages and colors but white painted furniture is where my heart is.

Pete has encouraged me to sell stuff before..but my problem is I REALLY never want to sell what I paint because I REALLY love it.  Each of the pieces you see were PAINFUL to sell.  I found the piece, painted it, brought it into my house, situated it to take pictures and promptly fell in love....

But getting money for it has been fun too...so I am slowly learning to let go of the love part.

I have always dreamed of having a little shop like my friend Tracy in Grand Bay Alabama where my friend Tammy and I spent many hot days lovin' on her stuff....but a shop is way off in the distant future...for now I have an account on Craig's List and a new e-mail address with my new name..WHITE MARKET GOODS.

The NAME::
Pete and I were driving back from a little furniture run one day and I said.."I need a name..something that is me...Something like...White Market!"  It just came to me..right there on HWY 66 .  I have tossed names around before  but nothing ever fit...Pete suggested we throw on Goods and now here I am ...
WHITE MARKET GOODS...furniture and junk painter at your service.

I paint throughout the day. A coat here a coat there.  Pete made a little workshop in the basement and while kids play I can paint..kinda.  Pete also will lend a painting hand...especially on weekends.  And he is my trusty delivery driver.  And all knitting time has been converted into painting time.  Painting time brings in a little extra money..so I am OK with that right now...but if a way to do both pops up I will jump on it.

I have 2 pieces up right now with a desk and headboard waiting to be painted...plus a woman dropped off 3 of her own pieces for me to paint .  I may look for a new piece this week...I may not.  I do like doing it and actually having people WANT what I have painted is REALLY fun..plus I am getting more efficient as time goes on..so we will see how long White Market Goods sticks around.

I have been forced to use gray 2 times and black 2 times and blue once..I prefer white but I understand that not everybody does.  If I have not painted the piece yet than I can let somebody choose...or if it is a dark shade like gray or black I will (sadly) paint over white.

 This blue guy above in blue has been my very favorite project to date.  A mom saw another piece of mine (above White buffet) and wanted one like it in blue.  I happened to have this guy sitting in the garage in its scratched up wooden shape.  I took a picture of it with my phone and I promised her it would look amazing when it was done...she went for it.  She picked out a PERFECT blue to match her baby's room and she is going to be using this as a changing table.  It was perfect..and heavy!! And Pete brought it to her brownstone in DC on Saturday and lifted it up 3 flights of stairs.  I have to admit..I miss this piece.  I think I may regret selling it...but I hope she LOVES it as much as I do.
Painting bookshelves should be reserved for torture for misbehaving teenagers...that is all I will say!!

I try and take nice pictures to put on Craig's List..it's kinda part of the fun for me...a fashion show of furniture!!


  1. Love the painted furniture and how you merchandise the pieces. goodluck on your endeavor

  2. Love your furniture! I guess it's a little big to sell in an etsy shop

  3. I love how the paint adds more dramatic feel int the furniture here. I could make use of this style in our ancestral home in Indianapolis to add more age and class in it. I love the design too much.

  4. I saw some modern furniture in Los Angeles that would perfectly pair with these cabinets. It would be a perfect match, it will fit like a tee.

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  7. Yes I agree with what Joshua said, achieving a beautiful home is just a matter of mixing and pairing up with the right furniture. It is always advised that when having plans in remodeling your house, the appliances should perfectly fit with your house.

  8. Great work with the paint jobs. I like how the way the paint looks give the console tables and cabinets a vintage feel. Having roughed-out (unpainted?) edges just adds to the appeal.

  9. These look like really great-looking cabinets you have (er, had; forgot you sold them already). I guess the way they look really makes them a great sale, besides being functional pieces.

  10. I wish I could've gotten a hold of that cabinet. I like how it looks like a vintage piece thanks to the paint. Oh, maybe I should follow the paint technique you did?

  11. Great idea, these types of furniture's will surely sell of the shelf. Considering that this is really a hard process to do.

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