Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow and More




As most other mama's have already said in blog land..snow days are not always the most restful, relaxing cozy experience.  It is really pretty outside and that is fun, but the dripping wet cold children that are in a constant state of in and out can make a mama wish for flip flops and water hoses pretty quick...

But those bright smiles and red cheeks are pure reminders of joy..absolute and abounding JOY!!





The funniest part was..there was very little snow but this little group of sledders did not notice AT ALL!!



There has been ZERO knitting these days.  I have kinda been taken over by painting furniture.  My little venture into Craig's List has kept me pretty busy.  I have painted my own furniture for so long as now I am painting some for other people...and I am making a few extra bucks..which I would love to use to buy some fancy yarn...but because I am painting so much I have not time to buy yarn...much less KNIT with it.







And I may be a smidgen more tired lately because I get up with Pete every morning when he leaves for work. I like getting up early to help him out the door.  I feel like it shows him how grateful I am for what he does for us.  It feels indulgent to sleep when he has to get up and leave whether he wants to or not.  Sacrifice is good for me.  I do much better when I try  (try I say) to put others first.  The trick is not COMPLAINING your way through the sacrifice... But really I have not been doing to much of that.

As a Catholic I have always heard and preached..offer it up but I am not always sure I understood it.  I am still not sure I do...but lately I have come to see the sacrifice ..and the NOT complaining, or the not doing it to be noticed type of sacrifice feels like an "offering" of my love to God.  Who knows if I will ever be questioned on my theological formation with that type of description...but it works for me right now.

I owe you guys a part 2 of my little journey.  I went out with a friend last night and told her part 2.  It involves so much that I would just prefer you all come over and we just chat about it...K???

And I am DYING to show you some of the furniture that I have done..I would be really excited if I showed you before and after shots.  Not so..just after...

i hope...


  1. I so wish I could come over to hear part 2! I hope you will post it for us all to read and learn from. I miss you. We had Blue Knights today and I was wishing you were there with Jack. Love, Bridget

  2. I need a you take special orders yet? I will call you this week.