Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year


I love starting a New Year!!  I love reading other peoples reflections of the year behind them.  It feels good to look back and recognize the things that went well and the things that didn't.

I wish I could have the organization skills to recap my own year in pictures.  I can just imagine how great that would be.  But for my re-cap..all I have is new pictures.  Maybe another year will be the year where organized picture storage will be featured in the years list of accomplishments.



Clearly Drew would be the best thing that happened in 2013 to our family!!  What a sweet baby boy he is.  He is hugged, loved and admired throughout each day.  To be such a loved boy!!!  He shows NO signs of walking and can eat a house!!  He laughs easy and weighs 400 pounds.  Always has a wet face and often sneezes directly into your face.  Very charming!!



The 3 oldest kids going to school would have to be the next huge thing that happened this year.  I have shared some of the issues related to that but after this Advent I think I have a grip on how we got to school, why I so easily said yes, how it has impacted relationships and where I want us to end up.  More on that to come.

 What I can say right now is in a lot of ways I lost my way.  I..the mom...I the one who has the ultimate influence on the energy in this house..LOST MY WAY.  By God's grace, prayer, adoration and reading I am finding my way again.



Pete finished his MBA.  This accomplishment brings his education tally to  1 Bachelor degree from the Coast Guard Academy, 1 pair of Aviator Wings, 1 Master's degree in Leadership and Ethics from Spring Hill College in Alabama and finally his MBA from George Mason.  For the moment we are all done with HIS high education.  Now on to work back at the Coast Guard which will bring lots of change around here.

Due to Pete's class schedule we have had 18 months of time...time together.  Lots of wonderful time to be together.  The vacation is over and life will be adjusted once again.  He is very glad to be joining his friends back at the office.  But he leaves behind lots of family time and a more relaxed life that college allowed.




I ran that marathon in October. Besides logging more miles that I ever thought possible I cooked, cleaned, folded laundry, knit, sewed, painted furniture, re-arranged rooms, made new friends, missed old ones, helped my parents move AGAIN, started a middle school youth group at my church, cried, laughed, worried, made mistakes, asked forgiveness,  blogged less.




This year I want to:
1. Be a better daughter of Christ
2. Be a better wife
3. Be a better mom

Happy New Year and God Bless 2013!!!


  1. Have a blessed and happy New Year!

  2. Wow, you did do a lot last year! Keep on going with your beautiful family, you are an inspiration to me!