Tuesday, January 29, 2013

White Market Goods


















So I would like to introduce you to my new little venture..White Market Goods.  I told you guys I started selling some stuff on Craig's List and this here is my inventory.  I have sold everything you see plus one more piece that I never got a great picture of because it sold before I could put an add up.

Some of you who have been my friend for awhile know that I have painted furniture for some time...like 10 years time. My first piece was way back in San Diego... and I used a can of spray paint.  I have gone through many stages and colors but white painted furniture is where my heart is.

Pete has encouraged me to sell stuff before..but my problem is I REALLY never want to sell what I paint because I REALLY love it.  Each of the pieces you see were PAINFUL to sell.  I found the piece, painted it, brought it into my house, situated it to take pictures and promptly fell in love....

But getting money for it has been fun too...so I am slowly learning to let go of the love part.

I have always dreamed of having a little shop like my friend Tracy in Grand Bay Alabama where my friend Tammy and I spent many hot days lovin' on her stuff....but a shop is way off in the distant future...for now I have an account on Craig's List and a new e-mail address with my new name..WHITE MARKET GOODS.

The NAME::
Pete and I were driving back from a little furniture run one day and I said.."I need a name..something that is me...Something like...White Market!"  It just came to me..right there on HWY 66 .  I have tossed names around before  but nothing ever fit...Pete suggested we throw on Goods and now here I am ...
WHITE MARKET GOODS...furniture and junk painter at your service.

I paint throughout the day. A coat here a coat there.  Pete made a little workshop in the basement and while kids play I can paint..kinda.  Pete also will lend a painting hand...especially on weekends.  And he is my trusty delivery driver.  And all knitting time has been converted into painting time.  Painting time brings in a little extra money..so I am OK with that right now...but if a way to do both pops up I will jump on it.

I have 2 pieces up right now with a desk and headboard waiting to be painted...plus a woman dropped off 3 of her own pieces for me to paint .  I may look for a new piece this week...I may not.  I do like doing it and actually having people WANT what I have painted is REALLY fun..plus I am getting more efficient as time goes on..so we will see how long White Market Goods sticks around.

I have been forced to use gray 2 times and black 2 times and blue once..I prefer white but I understand that not everybody does.  If I have not painted the piece yet than I can let somebody choose...or if it is a dark shade like gray or black I will (sadly) paint over white.

 This blue guy above in blue has been my very favorite project to date.  A mom saw another piece of mine (above White buffet) and wanted one like it in blue.  I happened to have this guy sitting in the garage in its scratched up wooden shape.  I took a picture of it with my phone and I promised her it would look amazing when it was done...she went for it.  She picked out a PERFECT blue to match her baby's room and she is going to be using this as a changing table.  It was perfect..and heavy!! And Pete brought it to her brownstone in DC on Saturday and lifted it up 3 flights of stairs.  I have to admit..I miss this piece.  I think I may regret selling it...but I hope she LOVES it as much as I do.
Painting bookshelves should be reserved for torture for misbehaving teenagers...that is all I will say!!

I try and take nice pictures to put on Craig's List..it's kinda part of the fun for me...a fashion show of furniture!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow and More




As most other mama's have already said in blog land..snow days are not always the most restful, relaxing cozy experience.  It is really pretty outside and that is fun, but the dripping wet cold children that are in a constant state of in and out can make a mama wish for flip flops and water hoses pretty quick...

But those bright smiles and red cheeks are pure reminders of joy..absolute and abounding JOY!!





The funniest part was..there was very little snow but this little group of sledders did not notice AT ALL!!



There has been ZERO knitting these days.  I have kinda been taken over by painting furniture.  My little venture into Craig's List has kept me pretty busy.  I have painted my own furniture for so long as now I am painting some for other people...and I am making a few extra bucks..which I would love to use to buy some fancy yarn...but because I am painting so much I have not time to buy yarn...much less KNIT with it.







And I may be a smidgen more tired lately because I get up with Pete every morning when he leaves for work. I like getting up early to help him out the door.  I feel like it shows him how grateful I am for what he does for us.  It feels indulgent to sleep when he has to get up and leave whether he wants to or not.  Sacrifice is good for me.  I do much better when I try  (try I say) to put others first.  The trick is not COMPLAINING your way through the sacrifice... But really I have not been doing to much of that.

As a Catholic I have always heard and preached..offer it up but I am not always sure I understood it.  I am still not sure I do...but lately I have come to see the sacrifice ..and the NOT complaining, or the not doing it to be noticed type of sacrifice feels like an "offering" of my love to God.  Who knows if I will ever be questioned on my theological formation with that type of description...but it works for me right now.

I owe you guys a part 2 of my little journey.  I went out with a friend last night and told her part 2.  It involves so much that I would just prefer you all come over and we just chat about it...K???

And I am DYING to show you some of the furniture that I have done..I would be really excited if I showed you before and after shots.  Not so..just after...

i hope...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Drew is 1

Happy Birthday my little Andrew James.  The love of our hearts and the joy in our days!!  You are the BEST baby EVER!!!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How I Lost My Way -Part 1


I did not even realize it was happening.  I had a slow, gradual slip from a mindset that I had created for myself.  This may not even make sense..but here I go.

 After being introduced to the beauty of our faith I quickly began reading and forming my mission for my family.  I built the mission around creating people of character.  Using virtue in our home and in our day to day interactions.  This lead me to homeschooling.  What better way to form your children in virtue than to have them around all the time for constant formation.


This ideal was created back when God blessed me with my two oldest daughters.  I was a sponge for all things Catholic and true.  I wanted more kids, more God, more sacrifice to serve God.  Whatever I could do to feel more spiritual I wanted.  Being open to life and homeschooling was the vehicle I needed to "be spiritual".  Time went on and God answered my prayers and gave me 3 little kids back, to back to back.  I was in over my head....my mission was getting blurry.  Why had I wanted all of this??

Things felt hard..REALLY hard.  But then I would get passed the really hard and be really proud.  And then I would keep on going.  I would write on this blog, give myself pep talks and plow on.
DSC_1279 DSC_1273

Meanwhile I was not doing a great job in the one area that drew me to homeschooling.  I was not growing in virtue or faith.  I was not being an example of virtue.  I was "getting by".  I was so sapped of all energy (not an excuse...just an explanation) that focusing on non academic issues like faith, virtue and spiritual growth was not happening..for anyone.  Yes I did religion and that was just about the basic faith formation that was going on.  And to be honest , that was not even that great.

In my mind I was being Catholic enough because I was home schooling.  I belonged to the elite Catholic club of homeschoolers.  I was being a faithful virtuous Catholic just by home schooling....but sadly, in my case that was not enough.  I started looking more inward...having these kids home all day was preventing me from doing  x, y and Z.  I was not sacrificing joyfully for the love of God and family...I was kinda torturing everybody.

As I look back, this was a very gradual slip to this place.  I would get back on the "faith" horse every now and again but there was no real change in my heart or attitude.  I was no longer focused on the big picture of homeschooling.  I was more focused on ME.  What I wanted to do!!  How much I HAD TO DO!!  Poor, poor me!!

Now, it is not like life was miserable during this time.  We were moving, being pregnant, trying to meet new friends, finding our way in Virginia.  And funny thing is I am surrounded by more home schoolers here than ever before.  This is like homeschool heaven.  But my interior life was being neglected...due to my own NEGLECT and lack of focus!


Let me pause for a moment to say that this story about me is parallel story to the story of my 2 girls. While I am having my life written by God, so are they .

 During this transition they were suddenly having new thoughts and feelings of their own.  Where they because of me?  Was it because I was not giving them what they needed if they were going to be home-schooled?  I felt like I was doing enough.  I really was trying.  I did not realize I was missing something.  I thought just by doing what I was doing it was enough.  I was being faithful and spiritual because I was doing this, RIGHT? 
But it seems like the answer for me was no.  I was not doing enough.  I was letting my own vices cloud any virtue that I wanted these kids to see .  My own love of God was being pushed aside because I wanted new and different things for myself.  I blame some on my blogging.  MY knitting.  My intense focus on ME.  It did not keep my mind and heart in the right place.

So anyway, here I am with 3 kids in school and 3 at home.  My husband is back to work full time and I have just now realized that I have not been doing such a great job leading all these souls to love our Lord.  I have not been doing a great job loving Him myself.

Well, over the Christmas break I was at adoration and I was given a gift from God.  He opened my heart and mind to what I needed to see.  I needed to see that even though I was struggling with one of my children that she is a good sweet soul who needs a better example in her life.  She needs me to be BETTER!!  If I want to change the hearts around me I needed to change my own heart.  I truly felt God speaking this truth to me.  I was the one that needed to change.  I had to look at me before I could begin to look at them...

And since that night my heart has been full of hope and joy.  I have a mission.  I know the direction I want to go in.   I can be a good Catholic.  My kids can be good Catholics .....even if we are not home schooling.

Virtue..that my word for the year.  I need virtue.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Craig's List

Guess what Pete and I did today???

We had a photo shoot with furniture that we were putting up on Craig's lists.


Over the holiday Pete built himself a wood shop and went on to build a bench for me.  He built it...I did not like it.  It was WAY to big.  He was a good sport and put it on Craig's list.  People were calling like MAD!!


He sold 2 already and has a third one on Craig's list, with an order for 2 more in 2 weeks.  Go MBA from George Mason!!

The bench above is the one he has up right now for $125 .  This one in NOT to big.  This one I want and may not let him sell...at least until he makes me a new one.  The bench is made from pallet wood!!!  He did an amazing job!!





I kinda got the "let's sell furniture bug", went to Goodwill , bought a dresser, painted it...and slapped a for sale sign on it....
It is super cute now..not so super cute yesterday when I bought it!
 $120....we may have read one or two Country Living magazines!!!




Then I decided I wanted to repaint a bench I already owned and see what the free market would bring...
This I put up for $120 because if it does not sell then I am happy to keep it.  I repainted it for the listing and kinda fell back in love with it.



Grabbed my camera and now we check Pete's email every ten seconds...

Anyone need a bench, dresser or another bench..check out the very well written descriptions Pete put together