Wednesday, December 5, 2012

5 Fun Things

mmmm.....I was going to write a post about me FINALLY going on Pintrest and getting sucked in to the world of amazingness.  One day I wanted to jazz up my mantle to look festive for Advent and thing you know I am pinning like mad and whipping out lots of copy cat idea...super fun ..


#1.  I knit this bow and put it on an already knit fun and easy.  Even though it was 70 degrees that day I wore it with a fat grin!!


#2 I kept seeing chalkboard frames on mantels with Christmas saying written on them.  I rushed into my basement grabbed some Goodwill frames that I ALWAYS keep on hand for emergency craft situations, chalk painted the GLASS ( totally worked with GREAT smooth results), spray painted frame white, sanded edges, wrote "be Merry".  Been starring at it grinning ever since!!


#3.  I really wanted my mantle to have greenery on it, but Pete was not thrilled with draped greens because we have the fire on ALL the time.  So I got crafty (after seeing people do it on Pintrest),  I put greenery in my white pottery...hung some Christmas balls...more constant GRINNING!!



#4. This may be my crowning moment as a crafter.  I have to say that I love bunting.  I would have bunting in every room if I was not afraid to appear to "circus-y".  But my mantel was missing needed some sort of....BUNTING!!  It just so happened that my friend bought me a set of super amazing Christmas tags that I knew had to be made into something other than Christmas tags.  So I used some burlap, scrap fabric and sewed on the bird tags.  Strung some cording through and FREAKED OUT because I LOVED it so much.  I was so excited!!!




#5. So..remember #4 when I said I LOVED bunting.  Well, a few weeks ago I decided I needed to make Advent countdown bunting with hand stitched numbers, with a little pocket to stuff daily treats in.  I am not finished yet..but 1-13 is complete and I hope to finish this week..or next.





And now I have to be very careful around Pintrest...I don't trust this little guy is becoming very much part of the group and he is not a fan of me sitting down..EVER!!


  1. Hey, look, I learned a new word! Apparently, I love bunting also, but I had no idea that's what it was called! ha!

    Your decorations look absolutely wonderful! I always have grand ideas but never follow through with them! Perhaps you've inspired me!

  2. Love your mantel! Most of the Pinterest pinners I know do more pinning than actual making! I am so impressed! And inspired. :) Thanks for sharing!