Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yarn Along- Annabelle Cardigan









Hey...my Annabelle cardigan has NO BUTTONS!!!

I was to excited to bother with sewing on buttons.  Plus, I have no buttons to sew on it yet..anyway who needs buttons...

I LOVE this sweater.  I finished it Sunday night and I have been wearing it (button-free) for about 72 STRAIGHT hours...

Monday was a cleaning day..no bother...I just cleaned with my BRAND new wool sweater on.  I looked so cute..even if I was a bit warm as time went on.

Tuesday...grocery shopping while holding Drew on my back...I looked REALLY cute with my yellow necklace, coral earings, and peacock green button-less Annabelle cardigan.

I was worried about the sleeves on this cardigan, but they turned out fine.  I think this is the easiest sweater in the WORLD to knit.

Now..let's talk about knitting a sweater with pretty "bulky" yarn.  I realize this sweater does add bulk...I was afraid of that when I looked at the 164 other projects on Ravelry...but something about the boxy shape of the sweater appealed to me.  The sweater is very dense and thick..which slapped on next to your skin can also make you look...dense and thick.  But with the right under clothes this sweater is super cute and VERY stylish..if I can say that about a sweater I made..and now promise to wear ALL the time.

I knit it with 3/4 sleeves.  I have yet to block this sweater, because I know it will grow and I am not ready for that.

I realize you have just looked at a lot of BIG pictures of me.  All I can say is...you may actually see more soon.  I want to try this sweater with different outfits and better light...plus those pesky buttons that I have yet to find....

But for now, this is me and my Annabelle cardigan that I have wanted to knit for a long time.  And the "I loved that project " let down is setting in.  I must find a great new knit.  Something for Lucy..probably her Sunday sweater...but with better yarn, which I don't have!


  1. Looks fantastic, love the blue! I am definitely going to make one of these soon!

  2. I love your blue Annabel and I think it looks so beautiful on you!
    I am knitting Annabel's for all the girls on my Christmas list, four down two to go.
    You are right about blocking the sweater, I did on one of mine and really, it is okay, but I like it better unblocked.
    I do like the sleeve length on yours and may have to do that with my nexr one instead of taking them past the elbow.
    Enjoy wearing your Annabel!

  3. Cute sweater! And that shade of blue is simply lovely on you. =)

  4. Your Annabel turned out great, it looks fine like this so you can take your time to find the perfect buttons!

  5. I think your Annabel turned out great! If you don't want to add buttons you could just find a pretty (shawl)pin to use. You look very pretty in that shade of blue!

  6. beautiful!!! Annabel is on my list for this winter!

  7. your annabel looks WONDERFUL! that blue green is great. and it looks so cozy. hmmm maybe i should make one as well.

  8. Just beautiful - I really need to knit myself something similar.

  9. I hate the "I loved that project and now it's done and I'm totally at a loss what to work on" feeling -- working on multiple projects definitely helps avoid it!

  10. I love your Annabel ! Great color too.

  11. So pretty! The short sleeves are really cute and the color is great. Congratulations on your marathon! What an accomplishment. I never made it past 1/2's, maybe someday... I loved reading about your experience!