Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Never Boring

















Kids are life.  Having kids around and people to take care of is the best part of life.  Sometimes we don't always feel like doing the "taking care of" part.  But what else is life about??

  Imagine a Thanksgiving dinner with no little kids..BORING!!

Imagine sleeping through the night...well..maybe that is not boring...but one day there will be no warm little person crawling into bed for a middle of the night cuddle...that is BORING!!

Emily went over to a friends house the other day and she said it was SO quiet in there house.  I said what did you think about that..she said...BORING!!

Imagine lighting Advent candles with no little kids waiting all of dinner to blow it out...BORING!!

Imagine hearing a really good song by Taylor Swift and NOT having to listen to it 99x in a row...SUPER BORING!!


We had 18 people sleeping here over the week of Thanksgiving.  It was crazy!  We have 1 TV in the basement with no cable.  We do watch movies from NetFlix and get DVD's sometimes..but we are not big TV people.  Most of my family found this hard to believe.  I come from a TV heavy family, so 5 days with no Fox news BLARING in the background felt odd to them...

A few times I heard people saying..".I don't have any idea what is going on.  I feel so out of touch".

My thoughts are ..REALLY??  What in the world happens on TV that you need to be SO in touch with?  Nothing good.

They all survived.  I sometimes worried that they would be bored with no TV, but how can you be bored around here.  If nothing else there is always laundry to help me fold.  And when my bed is filled with laundry there are usually 1 to 2 people hiding in the pile laughing and playing...never boring!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Last year, around this time, I finished a hat and promptly put it in a basket.  I went on to finish being pregnant, have a baby, go through winter...and never remembered that I had knit this hat.

It was a quick knit with really cool yarn, Brooklyn Tweed Shelter.  I bought the pattern from Fiber Space and bought that yarn that this pattern showed.  I don't remember loving this hat when I finished it.  But Emily recently found it and LOVES it.  She does look super cute in she has me wanting to make more hats.  And a few of her friends have asked for me to make them one too...kinda sweet.

The pattern is Rosebud by Jared Flood.  Emily has been wearing it and today was the perfect day to take pictures of my little blast from the past.

I have to tell you how much fun we have taking these photos.  I think I love to finish my knitted projects just so I can photograph them..especially when the girls are willing to model.  I have something REALLY cute I am working on for Lucy and we are going to have SO much with those photos..if I ever finish...but for Em's in a hat that I forgot I knit!!













1.  the pictures are all unedited.  i would love to have a fancy program to help take out some of the blue in the last few pictures.  these are all sooc day I will edit.

2.  emily loves to change her outfits and play with different looks.  we got this dress at a thrift store just today.  her necklace is a vintage set from a store in front royal, va that has more costume jewelry than you can imagine.  the jean coat is from 3 years still fits.  she loves these photo shoots and she is willing to do whatever..such fun!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Young Catholic Girl


Young Catholic Girl is a small publishing venture by a very sweet "Young Catholic Girl". This young girl has a lot to do with my story of being a Catholic. Actually, her mother is more part of my story, but the story continues in the life of our children

. Part 1 of The Story:

 Many moons ago I lived in a small town in Alaska. Attending church every Sunday was becoming a new habit for Pete and I. At the time, sad to say, we felt like there was not much else to do. I remember seeing this mom with 4 kids. I think that may have been the first time I had seen, and realized, people still had more than 2 kids. And then someone muttered to me that they were "homeschooled"...WOW!! 4 kids and a home schooling family...weird.

 I have mentioned it here before but just to recap..Sitka is where I met 2 women who taught me how to be a Catholic mom...

 Anyway, one day I was walking downtown and wondered into a small quilt shop. I bumped into the mom with 4 kids. She was so friendly and welcoming. I told her I have always loved the idea of home schooling...well...she insisted I come over and take a look at some stuff she had to get me started.

    I took one step in her house and I knew I was in a different type of home. Something about her and her home just dripped Catholic-ness..God was there...our church was there. It was all around her, them. I wanted to absorb everything she had to say. I wanted her to talk to me and teach me EVERYTHING she knew about EVERYTHING. Just by being around her I knew I wanted to be a better mom, a better Catholic..a better everything.

 For the next 3 years Kathy mentored me and became a close friend. Then we moved, leaving lots of amazing memories behind us in Alaska. Eventually Kathy moved from Sitka too.

 Over the years Kathy has been my go-to on different matters of home schooling. In fact this year when I put the kids in school I was afraid she would be disappointed in me. WE e-mailed back and forth for a few days. All the while she was encouraging me in faith. does not surprise me even a little that her daughter has taken up her torch. Around the same time the girls went to school Kathy's daughter was working on a small publication directed at young Catholic girls. She was spending her own time and money on sending out pamphlets encouraging other Catholic girls in faith.



The girls got their first issue about 2 weeks ago. They poured over it. They love getting mail! They read it cover to cover and immediately started some of the suggestions Sarah gave them. I was thrilled! I know how exciting it is to get a magazine and I love going through it.

 But this is more than just a magazine, or getting some fun mail. This reminds my now public school girls that faith is their life. Their goal. It helps support them in knowing that other girls their age love the Lord and our church

. DSC_0516


 I need all the help I can get keeping God in their hearts while they are away from me all day. I am touched that another girl is helping me bring Christ to my kids in such a great way. I had to share this..

I hope some of you will e-mail me with your address so I can send Sarah a few more subscribers. She has it on her heart to do this and I would so love to help her. you want your daughter to receive a copy of the Advent issue that Sarah is working on right now. She does not ask for any money, just people to read.

 I keep telling the girls that we want to make friends with people who help you become a better person. I have been so lucky in my life to have met many such a person. And now those friends are creating kids that do the same thing for people. Blessed are we!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yarn Along- Annabelle Cardigan








DSC_0591 Annabelle cardigan has NO BUTTONS!!!

I was to excited to bother with sewing on buttons.  Plus, I have no buttons to sew on it yet..anyway who needs buttons...

I LOVE this sweater.  I finished it Sunday night and I have been wearing it (button-free) for about 72 STRAIGHT hours...

Monday was a cleaning bother...I just cleaned with my BRAND new wool sweater on.  I looked so cute..even if I was a bit warm as time went on. shopping while holding Drew on my back...I looked REALLY cute with my yellow necklace, coral earings, and peacock green button-less Annabelle cardigan.

I was worried about the sleeves on this cardigan, but they turned out fine.  I think this is the easiest sweater in the WORLD to knit.

Now..let's talk about knitting a sweater with pretty "bulky" yarn.  I realize this sweater does add bulk...I was afraid of that when I looked at the 164 other projects on Ravelry...but something about the boxy shape of the sweater appealed to me.  The sweater is very dense and thick..which slapped on next to your skin can also make you look...dense and thick.  But with the right under clothes this sweater is super cute and VERY stylish..if I can say that about a sweater I made..and now promise to wear ALL the time.

I knit it with 3/4 sleeves.  I have yet to block this sweater, because I know it will grow and I am not ready for that.

I realize you have just looked at a lot of BIG pictures of me.  All I can say may actually see more soon.  I want to try this sweater with different outfits and better those pesky buttons that I have yet to find....

But for now, this is me and my Annabelle cardigan that I have wanted to knit for a long time.  And the "I loved that project " let down is setting in.  I must find a great new knit.  Something for Lucy..probably her Sunday sweater...but with better yarn, which I don't have!

Sunday, November 4, 2012





This past week was a blur. I promised to NOT talk about running anymore and I will make good on that promise...but I did not know that the recovery would take an entire week..both physically and emotionally.

 The physical part was legs took 2 days to be able to walk normally on. I was not able to run until Wednesday. But my body felt like a truck hit it.

 For whatever reason I was not expecting it to feel like that... Plus...little baby boy weighs about 40 MILLION pounds and he loves him so huggin'...and did I mention I have 3 sets of stairs in this house????






We had a hiccup with the whole storm ...but life is just busy, even without a major storm. School was out for 2 days and the kids were kinda going school and we could not do anything. But we were together.


It seems like I have more pictures than words tonight.  I have been busy this weekend "preparing" for the 18 people who are coming for Thanksgiving...sewing, knitting, creating. I have big plans...but who knows what will actually happen...good intention for sure.

















This week is going to be filled with lots of favorite kind of week!!