Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yarn Along

I am about to talk about knitting, and yarn, and more Pete, go ahead and flash through the pictures but don't feel the need to read on.  I know knitting posts are not your favorite.  I just love that you read my blog!!!

Ok..I am in a super chatty here we go....



Long ago I was in a major shawl mood.  I spent way to much time looking at shawls on Ravelry.  I wanted to knit each one I saw.  I just think they are so elegant, and feminine...not the two words that I can always clothe myself in on a daily basis.  But owning a shawl..or two makes me feel...pretty!




So after I knit Big Yellow..I went on to knit Big Blue.  I always like to make the shawl just a little bit bigger.  I figure a shawl that is to big can be made to work..a shawl that is to small may never work at all.  And yes, I have spent lots of time thinking about shawls and I don't mind admitting it.


(Oh..look what pattern is in my knitting bag...just the cutest sweater pattern EVER)

This shawl took a long time to make.  Very small needles and fingering weight yarn.  By the time I was done I was kinda sick of the shawl and I could not bare to take pictures of it.  So silly...but sometimes it feel that annoying to have worked on something SO long, finish and then NEVER WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN!!

But I have tucked it away long enough for my warm hearted feeling to have returned.  And then after I spent a long time knitting this beautiful shawl I realized having 2 huge shawls is nice..but not that practical.  The occasions I have in my life that calls for a beautiful wool shawl is rare. Now I have to make a major choice each time a shawl is called for. Plus I made them SO big I can not use them as a scarf as many other more fashionable knitters have maybe smaller can be better after all.

The pattern was Gemma Shawl and I love most anything from Quince and after all is said and done..this was no different!

So, now what am I up to??

Well, I have been DYING to knit the Annabel Cardigan from Carrie Bostick Hoge ever since...forever.  I just loved to boxy cut of the cardigan and I figured it was to easy for me to mess up.  I am almost done with the body and will be moving on the the sleeves tonight...this will take me FOREVER because I HATE knitting sleeves.





I love the squishy feel of this sweater.  I am hoping it does not make me look bulky...but I think it might.  It is a bulky yarn...which has the purpose and construction to add BULK...probably something I should have thought about before I got to sleeve #1.  The yarn is Quince and I love it.  I don't love the color ..yet.  But I might when I slap it on with some cute earrings and who knows what else....


As for reading..well.  I bought KNIT SCENE the other day at Wegman's and I think I want to knit EVERYTHING in this magazine.  I love the sweater on the REALLY love it.  It says Advanced for knitting skill.  I wish there was a quiz you could take to determine your skill level.  I think if you have ever wanted to buy a knitting magazine THIS IS THE ISSUE TO BUY!!! SO many cute knits...



I am hoping to be done with my Annabel by next week.  There is supposed to be cool weather coming!!

My marathon is this weekend.  I am KINDA freaking out!!  I will have to write a post about this whole process one day...not exactly because you are dying to read about it..but more for me to be reminded in case I am EVER tempted to repeat this INSANE marathon running idea!!!


Finally joining Ginny, the fabulous creator of the Sunday Sweater pattern, for her weekly Yarn Along!!!

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  1. I agree that a bigger shawl is better than a too small shawl. I also find that lace is better than fingering the bigger you get, and then that is a lot of knitting! Your shawl is so lovely and I love the self photos. Good luck with the marathon!