Thursday, October 18, 2012

One Month Top Ten List

1.  The day is broken into 3 parts: getting ready for school, time away at school, coming home from school.  My life between the second and third part of the day feels completely new.



2.  I am enjoying not teaching school full time.  I have to assist with homework at night and that is not always super fun, but so far..not bad.




DSC_3371 DSC_3381


3.  Both schools we have entered have been wonderful.  I was never a anti-school home school-er   I always knew one day I might be knocking on the door to a school somewhere somehow.  I have to admit to be a little afraid of "public" school.  The teachers have been really great and all 3 kids are being challenged academically.





4.  Emily is finding her way.  As the oldest most of my stress lies with her transition.  I am proud of her and I know she is under going great change.  My mind is always praying for her.



5.  I hate that they are not in Catholic school.  I could go into great length why they are far away for us, to expensive, to expensive, to expensive.  I have had many discussions on this matter with lots of my friends.  Each family really approaches education, finances, and driving all over the place a little different.  It is not always easy to understand somebody else's view point.  Some families make GREAT sacrifices to put their kids in Catholic School.  I am humbled by what they choose to do.

 Pete and I decided long ago that one of our goals as parents was to live a debt free life and do whatever we can to give our kids a debt free start to life.  When we are making financial decisions we hold fast to these two principals.  Does that take away from the importance of a Catholic education??  Not in my eyes.  It is a very biblical principal to live debt free.  We have been blessed with financial resources from God.  We have to discern what we are to do with those resources. Preparing for the future and living within our means AT ALL TIMES is what guides us.  We choose to not afford Catholic School now in order to afford higher education later.  We can't afford both..and that is OK.  Pete and I desperately want out kids to stay does our Lord..probably more than we do.


DSC_0002 6.  Since God is not present in overt  ways in the public schools I have had to ramp things up at home.  This feels so GOOD.  I was getting SO lazy in my spiritual walk with God.  I felt that my home schooling was as spiritual as I could get.  I felt like I had nothing left to actually grow in my faith.  I was barely hanging on.  Since I have NOT been teaching my kids all day my need for God has felt much stronger.  I realize this is not the story for everybody, but it is my story.

7.  God is in school.  The schools have all these"character traits" and other ways to teach VIRTUE!!  They are preaching and teaching very Catholic things even if they won't call it that.  The kids come home and tell me all these things the school is doing and I bad they won't allow God to be part of all these teachings.  He is there.  They just won't recognize Him.  I do!!

8.  My kids hate PE as much as I did.

9.  School is fun, scary, exciting, tiring, hard, wonderful and awful all wrapped up in one building.

10.  The best part of the day is when they are all home!!


  1. Very BEST WISHES with your school/homeschool journey...!

    ...I loved all of the kid/pop cute!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. OK first where were you having Kutztown Birch Beer. I went to school in Kutztown and actually knew the family who owns the bottling company. I worked for the brother who also owned the bar I tended at while in school. The pictures are awesome!

    As for school we keep all our friends in our prayers who have made the transition to school this year. I know someday that will be us and our children. You know I am with you on remaining debt free so we can afford to help them with college someday.