Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Sunday Sweater







I finally finished Ginny's Sunday Sweater pattern.  It was awesome!!  I tend to give lots of background with each project I share, and this particular pattern is no exception.

Ginny told me she was working on a pattern a little while back.  I thought that was amazing.  I have loved knitting ever since I learned 3 years ago but the idea of creating a pattern feels more like walking on the moon.  I have a hard time knitting a gauge taking the time to count, knit, rip out, try again feels like a huge leap in my knitting world.  So I was SUPER proud of Ginny when she told me what she was cooking up.

Then one Friday Ginny and her crew came over for a fun night to celebrate....she was just coming over for dinner.  I was the one wanting to celebrate.  She was about to release her pattern.  She kindly gave me an advance copy and I was DYING to cast on.  I happen to order the wrong weight yarn from Quince & Co. so I could not have the pleasure of showing her my WIP.  But I got to see BOTH of the Sunday Sweater's she knit.  They were SO cute!!  Priscilla tried on Bea's and I knew I had to knit her something in the "orange" color family.

I got to my LYS bright and early Monday and bought some Cascade 220 superwash.  I wish it were a fancier yarn...but I LOVED the color and the price.




I loved knitting this pattern..not just because it was from Ginny...but she did something I love..she listed row by row directions. There was NEVER a question of what I should do next. VERY CLEAR!! Super easy and the result is so sweet. I could tell you a tale or two of the mistakes that I made....I loved the lace pattern repeat so much that I knit it 2 inches longer that I should have. I did not think it would make MUCH of a difference so I did not rip out that beautiful lace thank you. I HATED knitting the sleeves. That is probably why it took me so long to knit it. I am not a fan of knitting sleeves....BORING!! They are essential to sweaters, but boring!!! It took my a week to knit 2 little sleeves!!! The body was done in 5 days.





She LOVES it. I LOVE it. She loved her photo shoot. At one point I thought I was going to give it to Lucy because of the length...but it looks so cute on her, even if it is a bit long.




I can't stop taking pictures of it. The color is SO fall and she is so proud...I am TOO!! All I can say is GREAT job Ginny!! You rocked it out!! Now all I have to do is order the right yarn and get started on Lucy's!!

p.s Jack's face is doing much better.  We are seeing major improvement and hope to see full movement back this week.  Thanks for all the kind words and prayers!!


  1. I'm dying from happiness here. The color is so perfect, and you did such a great job!! Thank you Lisa! More importantly, I am so glad that Jack is improving!!!

  2. The sweater is absolutely adorable, and it looks great on here. Even with the extra length. I love it! Glad Jack is doing a bit better and hope it continues quickly!

  3. I noticed it today and meant to comment that I loved the pattern and the color.

  4. So cute! Hey, fancy yarn isn't always the best choice and to some people Cascade 220 could be fancy yarn! :) I am almost done with mine. I did it in a cotton yarn, as I am afraid (gasp) I am developing and allergy to wool.