Sunday, October 21, 2012

Laugh a Little




I had this friend a couple of years ago who made a huge impact on me. She was in my life for a brief period, but her impact was big. I have written about her before.

 Things went off track with our friendship and I have thought about it many times. This friend wrote me a letter last year to try and clear the air. With all 9 of her kids she actually took the time to write me....

 I never wrote her back.  Not exactly the right move.

 I have her letter still and I would rather just meet her for lunch than try to write back. We seem to have two different memories of how things ended for us. I am not sure if it matters really. I loved her then and still do now, regardless of details.

  What does matter is the things I learned from her in the short time she was in my life.



 She was super busy..even when we first became friends and she had 7 kids at the time, she had a lot going on. I would go over her house and just soak in how she ran her show...

 She laughed a lot. She laughed with her kids. They would sometimes do things, as any kid can, that would be ...not what she wanted. She had a way of keeping her cool, laughing her way through the situation, and get things resolved. I was in awe.

 I tend to NOT laugh...I tend to NOT keep my cool. I want to. I want to keep calm, use a lite note, solve the problem..move on to laugh over it later. It just seems to be less..messy. I am sure she would loose her cool sometimes...but even then I am sure she rebounded with humor. It was awesome!!



Even better than using humor with her kids...she used it with her husband!!

 One weekend we got to escape for a few days to do some teacher planning together. It was a fun weekend that I will never forget. But one night we were eating dinner and her husband called her. I only heard one side of the conversation but I sensed he may have been sharing some complaints...she just teased him a little, laughed about his complaints and ended with a "love you." She hung up, smiled and went on guilt free. She was a cool cat!! I remembered thinking..I HAVE GOT TO DO THAT!!

 I take things so personal. I can't laugh at things because I am truly PERSONALLY SAD over the slightest things....
 ....bad grade on a math test...I'm hurt not tripping over themselves to get to mass on Sunday...I'm PERSONALLY hurt
 .... Pete coming home and wiping the kitchen counters....BROKEN HEART
 ....Him asking me when I will be home when I am out...Guilt ridden heart break...

 No laughter, no sweet teasing to diffuse the situation. I want to do that!! I want to feel that. I need to have a thicker skin...a more sensitive funny bone.




I wonder if more kids adds more humor. I wonder if things just get easier to laugh at when you are really in so deep all you can do is laugh??

 I miss my friend. I miss her example. I am a better person for getting the chance to be her friend.

 I try..I want to laugh easier. As my kids get older I see the beauty of finding the humor and joy in all that comes with being their mom.


Here's to a week full of laughter...


  1. Send your friend a copy of this blog entry . . . all will be well.

  2. Laughing is SO good for us!!! The best medicine for living a life full of joy is meditating on God's Word. His Spirit changes us from the inside out as we are full of Him and His Word. Try to get this time with him first thing every morning if you are not already. I know it is difficult, but oh SO worth it, and will help you stay in His perfect peace. I need to remember to do this as well. I am also more like you than laughing at everything. And with six kiddos and one on the way, I must laugh!!!!

    I have had relationships where this has happened as well. I have learned that we must let go of our rights and just forgive freely without having to go back and rehash it all. Not sure if that even applies to you here. But I would just call her up and begin a new relationship free from the past if you miss her. Sounds like she taught you much and is a wonderful friend. It was nice that she tried to reach out to you. I think it is important to reconcile with others. Not that you were asking, but thought I would share.

    I hope you have a week full of laughter and joy in the Lord!