Thursday, October 25, 2012

I can not believe I am getting to actually run 26.2 miles in 2 days and 18 hrs (countdown clock on


I am sure you all do not feel like hearing everything that is RUNNING through my very nervous brain right now..but let me just take a minute to say 26.2 things...

1.  Pete!!  You are amazing!  You let me run more in the last 3 months then I ever thought possible.  Thank you!  Not always fun to have me gone...and truth be told, it was not always fun being gone!  You are the ONLY reason I can do this .  Thank you!!  You give up a lot by helping me get my runs in...not only for this occasion...but our whole marriage!!  HOLY COW!!

2.  Tara, thank you for running with me all those years back in the Oakland Hills..still my favorite running memories EVER!!

3.  Thanks to Kim who came over one day in HOT PINK running shoes, saying she was training for the MCM.  I was hooked.

4.  Thank you to Race for the Seminarians Race Team that I am signed up under.  They bought 30 spots and then let Catholics in the Diocese of Arlington raise money to Run for Seminarians...if you want to donate..feel free.

5.  I ran 6 days a week.

6.  I usually ran in the morning before light was ever present.  I was scared most mornings of tripping and by God's grace I never did.

7.  One day I had to run 15 miles.  It was overcast when I began, but quickly heated up while I was out.  I did not bring enough water and had to stop running at 13.75 miles.  Walking home that 1.25 miles was AWFUL!!!  I thought I was going to die.  I learned a great lesson that day.  Just because I want to get something done RIGHT that minute does not mean I least when it comes to running.

8.  The easiest run was a few weeks ago after Jack's whole Palsy episode. That Friday I had a 12 mile run.  It had been such an emotional week I ran that 12 miles and felt like it was 3.  My mind was so filled with hurt and thoughts that it took me over.  I have never felt like that running felt like a gift.  I cherished it as such.

9.  I had the opportunity to run several long runs at a beautiful lake.  I loved those crisp mornings and the beautiful light spilling through the trees.

10.  If you think your neighborhood is flat...just take a quick jog is probably NOT as flat as you think!

11.  I have never considered myself a real "runner"..this week...I kinda feel like I am.

12.  Since August 4th I have run 375.3 miles

13.  I have burned 34,495 calories..and eaten back EVERY STINKIN' ONE!!!

14.  My average pace was 10'00 over that time.

15.  I start my long runs SUPER 11'30 pace I can finish with a faster pace.

16.  I ran 12 miles several times, 2 half marathon s( 13.1),  14 twice, 15 twice, a 16, a 17, a 19 and 20 miler in order to get ready for Sunday.

17.  I have listened to books for most of those runs.  I started a super long book back in October about World War II called The Winds of War.  I finished all 45 hours and 53 minutes..running!

18.  I then bought War and Remembrance, 56 hours and 8 minutes.  I have 3 hrs. 51 minutes left as of this morning.

19.  I also listened to Expecting Adam, Before I Go To Sleep, and part of the Book Thief during this training period.

20.  I am not a fancy looking runner.  Running in complete darkness has always given me the luxury of not caring what I look like....I kinda care for Sunday.  They keep sending me e-mails saying they have photographers ALL over the race.  Not the moments I want to worry about what I look like.

21.  I have such a sense of gratitude to be running in the Marine Corp. marathon.  The 2 books that have carried me through this training were all about World War II.  What an amazing time in our history.  What people have gone through.  The Jewish people especially.  My heart aches for all the people that had their life cut short.  What a unimaginable HORROR.  Running in a race, surrounded by history and men who have served our country makes me super proud!!

22.  I will get up Monday and take a walk.

23. God willing I will be back to running by Tuesday.  Running for me is not an is what makes me!

24.  I am almost done!

25.  I may never do this again!

26.  No matter what...I am excited that I made it this far..that I have run 375 miles...that I ran 20 miles in 3 hours 42 minutes.  I hope to finish in 4 hours and 45 minutes.  I hope to finish!!

.1- Rain and wind is what is on tap for Sunday.  I have trained in both.  Even when I wanted to sleep in because I did not want to go out in the rain..I ran...I told myself, "You never know what that day will be ready".

.2 Pray for me and the other people that have taken this challenge, raised money for great causes, run with disabilities, and the hero's that are Marines!!


  1. Good luck Lisa. you will be running with my friends the Christensens. they have a son in the seminary.

  2. I can't even imagine...praying for you! Two of my brothers are retired Marines, and one still works very closely with the Marine Corps. They are an awesome bunch!

  3. I think that is totally awesome...and be thinking about you Sunday and praying for you...very best wishes!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  4. Hope the run goes well. I'm currently training for a marathon next August (I'm not a runner). I can't wait to hear how it goes :)

  5. That is AMAZING! Great job! I recently did a 25 mile bike ride and I still feel rather boss about it. But running that long? Nope, not yet anyway! Great job!