Monday, October 29, 2012

26.2 Complete

.2:  I promise this will be the last post about running.  Reading about running is super boring, especially reading about SOMEBODY else's running

.1 You only have to read 26 things about my big day..I'll be quick.

26. It did not rain and for that I was GRATEFUL!  I would have done the race no matter the weather..but no rain made it a much easier race to run.


25.  There were more people there than I could have ever imagined.  We were advised to get there 2 hours early.  I thought that was a bit drastic. But we used EVERY second of those 2 hours to get to the start line.  Between metro back ups, people getting funneled through security checks, plus the longest lines I have EVER seen for potties we got to the start line with 12 minutes to spare.  Less time to panic!!

24.  Once the races started it took about 20 minutes to actually cross the start line.  This made getting an accurate finish time a bit tricky.  They will send me "official results", but so far I think I finished in about 5 hours..give or take a few minutes.  Not TOTALLY sure.


23.  The first part of the race I was just smiling and trotting music, no headphones.  People are lined all over the streets, yelling, cheering and holding up signs.  The amount of people there to just cheer for strangers is amazing.  I am grateful and I hope to repay one day by cheering for people in cold, windy weather..VERY early in the morning...just to help them get a good start to a REALLY long race.

22.  The signs people held were both entertaining, funny and encouraging.  A few times I actually laughed out loud.  I can't remember most of them right now..things got pretty foggy towards the end...but a few that stick out.."This is the WORST parade ever!",   "Chafe now, brag later" ,  "Run like your being chased by a hurricane", "I bet this seemed like a good idea 4 months ago", "If this were easy EVERYONE would be doing it", "Pain now, Amazing memory later".  And then there was this one guy who I saw ALL over the route, his sign said, "Yeah more Saturday long runs mean back to Friday Night &*^"  . The first time I saw him I giggled..then I just kept seeing him...even Pete saw this guy.  He REALLY wanted to get his point across.


21.  When you are alone running for an extended period of time your mind goes to very strange places.  I thought how bizarre us humans must look to other life forms.  Tens of thousands of people running FROM nothing for a REALLY long time.  What if our world ended instantly and all of us were frozen in time...what would they say when humans were able to repopulate the earth...why were all these similarly dressed people packed so closely together running such a far distance for no reason.  And then I had a flash of anger towards is his fault that I am thinking about the way future people would react to a decimated America..he like his apocalyptic movies and clearly I have sat through ONE to many.

20.  I ran without stopping until mile 22..then I thought I was going to die.

19.  I think I pulled a rookie mistake.  I got caught up in the energy and was able to pick up my pace for 22 miles.  Basically, I ran to fast..and then ran out of gas.

18.  I saw Pete at mile 22 I stopped to walk with him for a few minutes. It was a blessed few minutes.  He saw me, hugged me and I felt like crying.  His hug was the best hug I have ever had.  He lifted me off my aching legs for just an instant and it made all the difference.


17.  After I saw him I was able to run again...but I did have to walk a little in mile 23, 24 and 25.  I would run until my knees were on fire then I walked for 100 counts.  I stopped about 4 times.  This was kinda a bummer.  I wanted to run without stopping..but after mile 22 my legs locked up and I thought I was going to DIE.

16.  I wish I would have run with Advil...or stopped at a medical tent to get some.  I think that would have helped my legs...but I had a lot going on and it never dawned on me that something could help the pain.

15.  After the race I just wanted to SIT down and there was NOWHERE to sit.


14.  Then somebody told us we had to walk 3/4 mile to the Arlington Metro.  You might as well of told me to go back to the starting line and repeat the whole darn thing...I thought I was going to die.

13.  I walked VERY slow.

12. So did everybody else.


11. I got a finishers metal!  When I walked in the door and showed the kids they SCREAMED.."YOU WON, YOU WON!"  I felt like I did win.


10.  The winner finished in 2.5 hours.  I listened to him on the radio on my way home.  He was a first time marathon runner.  He said at mile 22 he began to ask himself.."Why am I doing this? This is REALLY hard". I was in good company.

9.  I have to admit that my knees still hurt and I DID not take a walk this morning.  I hope to tomorrow if the weather allows.


8.  Pete bought me my 26.2 car magnet 1 week before the race. I just put it on yesterday.  It was awesome. I have to confess that I may have gone through all of this just to own that wonderful pink number.


7.  I wore a hat, which I never do, and my head looks very small in all my pictures..oh well! Next time I will wear my hair different..all very important details.  Live and learn.


6.  There was a stretch of running that  had a display of fallen soldiers.  Their picture, age and unit was shown.  Broke my heart...young men..YOUNG with little kids..all gone.  Brave guys.


5.  My favorite part of the race was in Georgetown (and that hug from Pete).  I loved that place (and that hug)!

4.  My least favorite part were the 2 REALLY boring, UGLY bridges we crossed.

3.  People ate donuts on the run.  The Marines were passing them out at mile 24. I can't even imagine EATING A DONUT WHILE RUNNING.

2.  Today..I am happy...happy ...happy.  I did it.  IT IS OVER!!



  1. Congratulations! It's a huge accomplishment! I, too, had to walk part of each mile (though I started at mile 19), but I got over being bummed about it.

  2. Awesome! I wondered how you were doing all day on Saturday. Congratulations on such a great accomplishment.

  3. Congratulations! So proud of you!

  4. I am so proud of you!! Hope you are all safe and sound in the big storm.

  5. You are really awesome. And I even teared up at your success -- and fallen soldiers:-( .

    Yea for you!

  6. CONGRATS!!! You're such an inspiration! My daughter was born January 6, and I STILL have not even gone for ONE run. You're awesome!

  7. AMAZING!!! My dad trained for a marathon for his 40th birthday...I still remember his training runs and how proud he was of himself for completing it.

  8. Well done! Thanks for sharing, it's definitely inspiring :)I hope that I'll be able to accomplish this next summer.

  9. Congratulations! I think my legs would have fallen off! Good Job!

  10. Congratulations!! I am like Adri- I think my legs would have fallen off.

    Your children are precious! Love the pictures.