Sunday, September 23, 2012

Big News














A lot has changed around here lately.  I have been a little nervous to share with all of you but as the dust settles on our new life I feel more confident to put words down in this space.

About 2 weeks ago we put Emily, Molly and Jack into public school.  In typical "me" fashion this was literally an overnight decision.

Some of you may remember a few months back Emily was asking to go to school.  Well, she never really gave up.  She really was feeling ready for school.  For the most part I was able to put her off .  Then my Molly started asking.  She was wanting to give school a go too.  And then one night I went to bed and thought..."why not?"

Why not give it a try?  There have been many days this year, 4 weeks into out home school year, that my heart was not in it.  I went through the motions, but my heart and mind was not in it.  This being the start of the year I should be more energized then I felt.  Suddenly I began thinking school sounded like a good idea.

I called the school in the morning, which happened to be a Friday morning.  The following Tuesday I had Jack, Molly and Emily in school.

Things have been so crazy ever you can imagine.


So, the big questions??

How are the kids doing??
Emily loves it!!  She loves every minute of it.  She has been challenged every day in the friend making arena. She has loved every awful/great/fun/scary minute of it.  We walked into her school (a middle school) for the first time and she said to me.."I was born for this mama!!"
She has struggled with math.  That has been a big part of our transition.  She has never loved math and we have both made the best of it.  She has  a lot of math and a lot of work to do keeping up with the amount of practice they do.
Her other subjects have been great far as she is concerned...another words, she thinks the rest is "easy".
Emily has gone to school and not looked back for a  minute.

Molly- She has loved it too.  She fit right into her 4th grade class.  She came home the first day telling us how the girls were fighting over her.  She was so funny.  She loved all the things they did and how they got to  go to different classes throughout the day.  She does get tired from the long school day.

 Her class works in groups a lot and she LOVES that.  Molly has talked about coming back home next year after this little experiment...but she wants to stay this year and so far she loves it.  The work seems to be no problem for her and I have been really happy with what they have been doing in her class.

Jack:  He is so funny.  He is kinda liking it...but kinda wants to come back home.  He just does not LOVE doing school no matter where he is.  He got really upset the other day about a game called "Capture the Flag".  It was pretty upsetting to him that he was not doing well at this particular game..friends??who cares??  He got out in P.E and he was pretty mad about it.  That day he wanted to come home and never go back.

I have noticed such a difference in him in just the 2 weeks we have been going.  Good differences.  Really good.  I think he likes all the boys in his class.  He like the "restaurant" he gets to go to each day and the bus ride is the highlight of his day.  Really big stuff for this little guy.


How have I done?

Well, things happened very quickly.  Once I decided I could not dwell.  I admit to spending a full night in tears asking myself  "What have I just done?"  And I have been in and out of tears since they have started...pretty much normal.  I have been in and out of tears since we started home schooling .

I was scared..scared of loosing my kids, scared of loosing my friends, scared of liking it, scared of not liking it, scared of not wanting to home school any more...I was just scared.  I still am scared.

But I will close with this...
We are the same family.  We will always be the family we are.  I am the same mom.  These kids are my life and my heart and just because I am no longer the primary teacher of academics that does not mean that I have changed in being their mother...which is my first and BEST job.


I have lots more to say..but it took a lot to say just this for now.
I have a fear that all my home school friends who I admire and love will no longer count me among their such friend has already written my kids and I off...
I can't help it..I just hope...


  1. Your children are blessed to have a mother willing to step through her own fears to do what she believes is the right thing for them. I think you are brave and I admire you! Interestingly, I am in my first year of homeschooling my 5 kids and feeling the same fear and having the same "what have I just done" moments... If we're asking God for direction in our lives (as I'm sure you are) He'll give it to us- a public school may be just the thing your family needs right now! God bless!

  2. Beginnings are so hard, especially as the mom. I'm so sorry to hear one friend has written you off....frankly that is ridiculous and likely coming from her own insecurities.

    We public school AND my little ones go to daycare while I work - something that a few years ago I would have equated with my children having a 'less' experience somehow.

    But reality now, a couple of years into public school and a year into daycare - - we are all doing great and like you said - we are the same family. And my kids have some pretty rich experiences 'out there' that they wouldn't get with me. They also have some hard experiences they wouldn't if I was always there - but they are learning alot, and I'm so proud of them.

    Your kids are blessed you give them the option - even through your fears.

  3. You have such a beautiful family :) The only thing constant in life is change. We change, our children change. Change is normal even if it can be scary at times. Homeschool or public school, sometimes the toughest choices are the ones that have good things on both sides. We just up and moved our family 800km South... away from family and friends. It was a tough choice! Did I cry? You bet! But God leads us in different directions for reasons that we can't imagine :) So just see school as a new adventure for your family!

  4. Oh! What a transition for you all. Don't be too hard on yourself Mama... it's only natural to feel a bit insecure with "tectonic shifts" as I've heard them called. Everyone adjusts, and regardless of how some of your "friends" perceive your decision, you've shown you're capable of adjusting to the ever-changing needs of your family. And I feel that is the most important tool to have in your arsenal; the ability to evaluate any situation and adjust accordingly. Blind and rigid adherence can cause a whole host of problems on it's own.

    Bravo Mama!! Bravo! And chin up! You're doing awesome, even in your uncertainty!

  5. You made a difficult decision....look how great your kids are doing. They will enjoy this new kind of schooling and they will probably recognize a lot of kids from their own Parrish church. You are still their primary educator. You might find you have more time to do plan special things when they come home like afternoon tea in celebration of a special Feast day or saint.
    As far as friends go...fair weather friends are not true friends.Look for support from your friends that have been there for you throughout . God Bless!

  6. Hey, Lisa,

    The decisions regarding parenting, including schooling are yours and Pete's ALONE and you only have to answer to God, no one else.

    I'm not sure what you mean by being "written off" by homeschooling friends but it may be nothing more than that you have less in common now and so the interest and opportunities for getting together are different. The culture of homeschooling is and has to be strong. You chose to leave it. You can't expect those relationships to remain the same anymore than you can expect your family dynamics to remain the same. It is a HUGE change and it will be a long time before you realize your "new normal". So, be patient with yourself and everyone around you.

    God bless you, my friend!

  7. I'm so sorry you've lost a friend over this! However, I'm glad to hear your children are doing so well. Thanks for sharing your big news...

  8. Good to see a post from you! Change is always scary. We just put our oldest in kindergarten at a catholic school. We always said we would homeschool, but we're about to have 6 kids age 6 and under and I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it mentally, physically, or emotionally! Just remember, if it doesn't work you can always switch back!

  9. We love you (and your entire family of course!)

  10. First of all, LOVE the pic where all the kids are looking at Drew-- precious!!

    So sorry you're going through this-- when we pray and think and discuss with the hubs about how to raise our children, and we decide that something different is right for us now, that's all we need. You've got great kids and that's because you're a good mom. I know how we can get our identity wrapped up in the fact that we're homeschoolers, but changing that aspect of our lives doesn't change who we are, especially when who we are is focused on who God wants us to be. And if God wants your kids in school, who are we to judge that? :)

  11. Hey Melnick family. We pray for you all and will continue. Always remember to stay close to Christ at all times. He will get you through everything. We miss you all so much! It hasn't been the same since you all have left. We love you all.... in school or home school! God bless, Angela Wilson

  12. Wow! This is big news. I am glad to hear that your children are doing so well. Prayers for you mama! I understand the tears. Sometimes they are necessary to help us work through our feelings. Just keep praying, peace will come!

  13. I've thought of doing the same thing over and over these past three weeks. Our oldest (6th grade) asked to go to public school and we went with that this year. But I've started school at home with my boys (9, 6, 4, 2, and a 6mo sister) but have wondered and wondered and wondered if public school wouldn't be better for everyone right now. I'm so happy that everyone in your home is adjusting well to doing what was best for your family...and I'm encouraged to hear that it is possible to change course midway and do so well doing it.

  14. Wow, I can't wait to hear more about how the year goes for them. I have kids in a small charter school, and I always debate pulling them and homeschooling. They love, love, love their school (and so do I) and I'm so appreciative of the extras they get there that I couldn't give them. But I'm glad to have the summers, time off to reconnect as a family. :)