Friday, September 28, 2012

Hats, Ladders, and Hoodies, Oh MY!

As the dust continues to settle around here...I continue to knit.

Kinda late for any sort of yarn along, but better late than never???




This is the Odette hat that matches Drew's hoodie.  I love the little point at the top!  I am realizing that garter stitch in the round is HARD TO DO!!  The laddering really shows.  I have not blocked the hat, which may or may not help.  I want to knit the Annabelle cardigan in garter stitch after I am done with my Sunday Sweater for Priscilla but I am nervous about the sleeves looking completely "getto".

But really, I think I am SUPER proud of my knitting this hoodie for Drew..I REALLY love it. I am super excited to be REALLY loving the Sunday Sweater pattern by Ginny too. I love seeing the lace come together on the sides. I should have a picture..but I like to hold out to the end.



Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life Goes On


I was about to sit and knit a little on my new FAVORITE KNITTING PATTERN EVER, but I had to take a few minutes to say ...thank you all. The comments, e-mails and texts have been heart warming. I was in particular fear of disappointing two of my friends who I no longer live near. Both of these women blessed me with their words of love and prayer. It felt good to have so many people share their stories or thoughts behind this crazy school journey.


What sent me to the computer instead of knitting Ginny's new fabulous pattern was my friend CC's e-mail....

When I think of you and your life, I think how this must be a blessing for Drew and your littles to 
have a little bit more time with you. 

And that is the piece I left out the other night. I was really feeling the days with my little kids pass by and I was becoming more and more unable to focus on them. Time learning Latin and brushing up on Grammar were sucking moments I could never get back.

 As a Catholic I strongly believe in openness to life..I felt my openness being harder to maintain because of the struggle with home schooling.  Is this the type of mother God was calling me to be? Hushing little kids for the majority of the day so I could do lessons with older kids? I was feeling so "done" by the time lunch came because the 4 hours in the morning WORE ME OUT?? I just wanted everyone to GO AWAY!! Not exactly the loving home I had for Emily and Molly when they were little. My heart knew I needed the change as much as the girls did.


 I was not making the effort I know I needed to for Jack. He had very few little boy friends because I had NO time for that. Some of these things can be explained by me being selfish- I was selfish to not give up nap times, or quiet weekends in order to have lots of activities for him to get together with other boys.

 So now, I get 3 little kids all day to myself. We go to the playground, read stories throughout the day. We paint nails and take walks. We have lunch and I can listen to everything they have to say. This feels very different. It feels balanced. I think they needed this.





Now, I will spare you the details of what happens when the 3 big school kids come home...let me just say that we are still working out details to make this fit into our family dynamic.

 I will close with this. My dear friend Kathy left a comment that sat in my tummy for awhile...

The decisions regarding parenting, including schooling are yours and Pete's ALONE and you only have to answer to God, no one else

. I kinda panicked..what would I say to God if he asked me to explain my actions right now..this minute. I have clearly been talking and praying to Him about this all along...but "answer to Him"?? I love them God, all six. I can't choose between who needs me more right now and in which way. But they are not all mine..They belong to You and I know You want them even more than I do. I am letting other people help teach Math, English, Science and History. But I am being their mom right now and loving all of them the best I can!!

 Thanks guys for all your kind words... ***************************************************************

 Now..back to trying to knock out a few rows on Ginny's new pattern. I could not be more proud of her. She created this pattern completely on her that not amazing?? I could have knit a bit more on it yesterday when I finally got the yarn...but I was to busy checking Ravelry watching her pattern get all the way to #3.  It was one of the most exciting days EVER!!!  I was calling her or e-mailing her all day...probably driving her NUTS!!  I could not help myself!!

Check out the pattern even of you are not a knitter..she created this...can you imagine?? goes on ...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Big News














A lot has changed around here lately.  I have been a little nervous to share with all of you but as the dust settles on our new life I feel more confident to put words down in this space.

About 2 weeks ago we put Emily, Molly and Jack into public school.  In typical "me" fashion this was literally an overnight decision.

Some of you may remember a few months back Emily was asking to go to school.  Well, she never really gave up.  She really was feeling ready for school.  For the most part I was able to put her off .  Then my Molly started asking.  She was wanting to give school a go too.  And then one night I went to bed and thought..."why not?"

Why not give it a try?  There have been many days this year, 4 weeks into out home school year, that my heart was not in it.  I went through the motions, but my heart and mind was not in it.  This being the start of the year I should be more energized then I felt.  Suddenly I began thinking school sounded like a good idea.

I called the school in the morning, which happened to be a Friday morning.  The following Tuesday I had Jack, Molly and Emily in school.

Things have been so crazy ever you can imagine.


So, the big questions??

How are the kids doing??
Emily loves it!!  She loves every minute of it.  She has been challenged every day in the friend making arena. She has loved every awful/great/fun/scary minute of it.  We walked into her school (a middle school) for the first time and she said to me.."I was born for this mama!!"
She has struggled with math.  That has been a big part of our transition.  She has never loved math and we have both made the best of it.  She has  a lot of math and a lot of work to do keeping up with the amount of practice they do.
Her other subjects have been great far as she is concerned...another words, she thinks the rest is "easy".
Emily has gone to school and not looked back for a  minute.

Molly- She has loved it too.  She fit right into her 4th grade class.  She came home the first day telling us how the girls were fighting over her.  She was so funny.  She loved all the things they did and how they got to  go to different classes throughout the day.  She does get tired from the long school day.

 Her class works in groups a lot and she LOVES that.  Molly has talked about coming back home next year after this little experiment...but she wants to stay this year and so far she loves it.  The work seems to be no problem for her and I have been really happy with what they have been doing in her class.

Jack:  He is so funny.  He is kinda liking it...but kinda wants to come back home.  He just does not LOVE doing school no matter where he is.  He got really upset the other day about a game called "Capture the Flag".  It was pretty upsetting to him that he was not doing well at this particular game..friends??who cares??  He got out in P.E and he was pretty mad about it.  That day he wanted to come home and never go back.

I have noticed such a difference in him in just the 2 weeks we have been going.  Good differences.  Really good.  I think he likes all the boys in his class.  He like the "restaurant" he gets to go to each day and the bus ride is the highlight of his day.  Really big stuff for this little guy.


How have I done?

Well, things happened very quickly.  Once I decided I could not dwell.  I admit to spending a full night in tears asking myself  "What have I just done?"  And I have been in and out of tears since they have started...pretty much normal.  I have been in and out of tears since we started home schooling .

I was scared..scared of loosing my kids, scared of loosing my friends, scared of liking it, scared of not liking it, scared of not wanting to home school any more...I was just scared.  I still am scared.

But I will close with this...
We are the same family.  We will always be the family we are.  I am the same mom.  These kids are my life and my heart and just because I am no longer the primary teacher of academics that does not mean that I have changed in being their mother...which is my first and BEST job.


I have lots more to say..but it took a lot to say just this for now.
I have a fear that all my home school friends who I admire and love will no longer count me among their such friend has already written my kids and I off...
I can't help it..I just hope...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Long Ago...








Long ago we lived in Alaska.  We became a family there.  We were taught how to be a family by those amazing families that lived on that small island with us.  We enjoyed their traditions and we made them our own.  We found our Catholic faith in a small church by the sea.

We were lucky to have lived there.  We are lucky to live here!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Oddette

About a month ago I won a blog giveaway from one of my favorite designers.  I was so excited.  I never win anything and to have 5 skeins of Quince yarn be the prize??  Well...I was DYING!!

And now to have finished my hoodie for my Drew it feels like I won all over again.  I actually finished last week but it took me a full week to sew 3 buttons and then get a picture.




It was really fun to knit this sweet little hoodie. He looks so cute in it and the yarn is so amazing. I am now in major pattern search. I love Quince yarn so much and I just want to knit every pattern they have.





I knit the 12 month size and had a full skein left over. I am glad I knit the 12 month size. It fits him now with time to grow. And I knit him a little hat to match.  The Oddette pattern booklet from Carrie of Swatch Diaries is amazing.  I want to knit EACH pattern!!   He is such a little meatball!!




Can you tell that I like the hood part of this sweater?  I think it looks so cute on him.  Now here is to hoping he does not outgrow this masterpiece before it gets cold enough to enjoy it...and just in case anyone ever wants to send me Quince yarn..yes please!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

I Am


I am: 

 1. A home schooling mom to 4 kids, 2 waiting in the queue.

 2. A runner. It has taken me a long time to think that but I ran 120 miles last month so I think I am going to go for it.

 3. A knitter

 4. An occasional sewer

 5. A Catholic who loves my faith and always feels like I have so much more to learn.

 6. Really bad at returning phone calls.

 7. Not that good about washing my face before bed. It is catching up with me now so away I scrub before bed.

 8. A pretty new coffee drinker who uses way to much sugar and cream 2 times a day (the reason 120 miles did nothing for my waistline)

 9. Easily excited about new things...not that great on following through with them...but I think I am getting much better.

 10. Always changing my house around. Some how I have gotten Pete to go along with it.

 11. Still really CRAZY about the guy who helped me make 6 kids, paints my walls and makes our bed.

 12. Just now learning more and more about World War II and feeling completely overwhelmed by it all.

 13. Usually running behind because I decide I have to write a blog post before rushing out the door for a baptism.

 14. A hard worker!

 15. A fun friend!

 16. a blogger!!