Thursday, August 30, 2012

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{{ I just wrapped up week 3 of school.  I like to check weeks off.  It makes me feel like I am getting somewhere, even if I am still helping certain people sound out THE VERY SAME WORD AS WEEK 1.

{{ Pete is back at school which ends a very long summer break for him.  I was a little worried about so much unplanned time for him.  Being home with all 7 of us can wear a guy down...he did GREAT.  We had such a wonderful summer.  He spent so much time with the little kids, taking them swimming for hours a day. They ate him up, we all did.  Back to school looks a little different for him this semester, so we still get some extra time with him before the Coast Guard claims him in January...until then...let the fall be ours!!

{{  We are in a major house mood. Pete and I both have several projects we want to ones, bead board, crown molding.  All this stuff is so fun.  But when we do the math we know we have to be patient.  But he just put a bead board back splash in the kitchen.  It looks SO amazing.  He did such a great job.  I can hardly contain myself.  Who knew he could do such handy work??  He has never really had the time.  He is amazing.  And now that I know that I have grand plans of ripping down cabinets and adding greatness EVERYWHERE!!

{{  I am knitting away on my sweater for Drew.  I will forever think of this sweater as my World War II knit.  I am listening to a very good book called Winds of War while I knit away.  When Pete got wind of my interest  in World War II he pulled out his Band of Brothers series and has been watching those with me every night.  The series is amazing.  Sometimes while I am watching it is easy to remove myself thinking..."all this is just a movie". But it has been seeping into my every thought lately.  The battles, the leaders, our country, their country, the boys, the..everything.  It is very real and very amazing. So usually after I watch a few episodes it takes me awhile to process EVERYTHING.  What I usually end up thinking is.."I will never be able to process all of this."  So for now my head swims with the 101st Airborne, landing craft @ Normandy, and brave soldiers everywhere who fought so long ago.

{{ This historical sentiment may have something to do with the fact that I am training to run the Marine Corp. Marathon in October.  I have been training for about a month now and getting more and more excited to have the privilege of running in this marathon.  I get to run all over DC, past monuments, in front of the White House.  All the while Marines, young and old, run along side you.  They run in groups (I am sure their is a more technical platoon or something...but I am just going to say "groups") chanting and boot stomping for 26.2 miles.  How cool is that?  I can't wait.  The running has been going good.  I am up to 14 miles on weekends and scaling back to 10 tomorrow.  In 2 weeks I run my first 18...I will tell you then how excited I am to run 26.2.  I have wanted to run a marathon for a long time and this patriotic mood I am in has really motivated me to run this particular marathon.

{{ Next week begins real back to school chaos.  The days are getting full.  And so begins another year filled with unknowns and grand adventures.  I am ready.

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  1. Hi Lisa. Congrats on your MCM training. My husband runs every year and I am always cheering from the sidelines. It is a truly amazing event. Put your name on your shirt and everyone will encourage you by name. Other facts like Mom of 6 or 1st timer make people really holler. I will look out for you!