Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything








{{ I just wrapped up week 3 of school.  I like to check weeks off.  It makes me feel like I am getting somewhere, even if I am still helping certain people sound out THE VERY SAME WORD AS WEEK 1.

{{ Pete is back at school which ends a very long summer break for him.  I was a little worried about so much unplanned time for him.  Being home with all 7 of us can wear a guy down...he did GREAT.  We had such a wonderful summer.  He spent so much time with the little kids, taking them swimming for hours a day. They ate him up, we all did.  Back to school looks a little different for him this semester, so we still get some extra time with him before the Coast Guard claims him in January...until then...let the fall be ours!!

{{  We are in a major house mood. Pete and I both have several projects we want to ones, bead board, crown molding.  All this stuff is so fun.  But when we do the math we know we have to be patient.  But he just put a bead board back splash in the kitchen.  It looks SO amazing.  He did such a great job.  I can hardly contain myself.  Who knew he could do such handy work??  He has never really had the time.  He is amazing.  And now that I know that I have grand plans of ripping down cabinets and adding greatness EVERYWHERE!!

{{  I am knitting away on my sweater for Drew.  I will forever think of this sweater as my World War II knit.  I am listening to a very good book called Winds of War while I knit away.  When Pete got wind of my interest  in World War II he pulled out his Band of Brothers series and has been watching those with me every night.  The series is amazing.  Sometimes while I am watching it is easy to remove myself thinking..."all this is just a movie". But it has been seeping into my every thought lately.  The battles, the leaders, our country, their country, the boys, the..everything.  It is very real and very amazing. So usually after I watch a few episodes it takes me awhile to process EVERYTHING.  What I usually end up thinking is.."I will never be able to process all of this."  So for now my head swims with the 101st Airborne, landing craft @ Normandy, and brave soldiers everywhere who fought so long ago.

{{ This historical sentiment may have something to do with the fact that I am training to run the Marine Corp. Marathon in October.  I have been training for about a month now and getting more and more excited to have the privilege of running in this marathon.  I get to run all over DC, past monuments, in front of the White House.  All the while Marines, young and old, run along side you.  They run in groups (I am sure their is a more technical platoon or something...but I am just going to say "groups") chanting and boot stomping for 26.2 miles.  How cool is that?  I can't wait.  The running has been going good.  I am up to 14 miles on weekends and scaling back to 10 tomorrow.  In 2 weeks I run my first 18...I will tell you then how excited I am to run 26.2.  I have wanted to run a marathon for a long time and this patriotic mood I am in has really motivated me to run this particular marathon.

{{ Next week begins real back to school chaos.  The days are getting full.  And so begins another year filled with unknowns and grand adventures.  I am ready.

Friday, August 24, 2012

What Plus The If

The word "if" can pack a punch when you think about it.  Just think how much rides on "if".  That single word  can be used so many different ways.  For example, "If I go to the pool than I won't be home to let Drew sleep." Not really life or death there.  Maybe not the most powerful example of if...






"If" can mean, if the Coast Guard wants to move you ...THEY can. What if they do?

 The what and if together can really be the biggest question of all... DSC_2669



When I am in one those weird moods I can let the "if" of it all really carry me away. What if all this hard work trying to do my best with these kids amounts to nothing. What if they grow up and don't like each other? What if they grow up and don't love God?





And then I have to stop and remember that some people who actually knew Jesus and heard him speak choose NOT to love Him...who am I to have more influence than Jesus himself?

 Sometimes "if" can be kinda fun and silly sometimes... Often times Pete and I will tease each other, playing with the question of.."what if?"




"Pete, what if I wanted to hang a neon Coors Lite sign in our bedroom? And DEMAND to keep it on, blinking, EVERY NIGHT?? What would you do?" After a good chuckle he will usually return with, "What if I wanted to start collecting Tarantulas?" It can go on like this, back and forth a few more times, each person upping the "what if's". DSC_2806





Each day there can be a new "what if"..or just "if" looming over me.  If I knit tonight I can not sew.  If I drink a coffee at 4:00 I will NEVER get to sleep.

I guess life is full of if's. Some more fun than others.  You want to know the biggest "what if" of my life??

What if Pete did not love me?  What if he did not want to marry me?  Who and what would I be?
Scary "what if"...I hate those the most!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One Of Those Posts...

I have so much to say these days but very few words seem to come out when I sit down to write.  I have not been able to sit down and write lately but the blog posts go on in my head.  I have been toying with the idea of ditching the blog all together....




No dramatic reason, just hard to fit it in.  I could go on to say I am SO busy that I just have no time to do this anymore, but it is more like I have time to do certain things and lately blogging has not been winning any sit down time.  But I know Pete's mom, Aunt Donna, and my mom like to see the kids.  And I really dig taking pictures of them...




DSC_2337 Plus...what would I do when I finished knitting something and I make one of the kids put it on to take 400 pictures of it...where would all that excitement go to. worries Aunt Donna..I will be here whenever I can be.

I remember when I first started blogging I was CRAZY about it.  I would go running, think up new posts, stop running and jot a note down on my i-touch....those were the days.  I would have all this deep stuff to share while I was running...then I would actually make a post and it would mostly be about my kids eating dirt and not letting me take their picture enough.  My thoughts seem so much more clear when I am no where NEAR a computer.



Now, in 2012 I have more pictures than words.  Ideas are there but time is not.




And speaking of pictures..there are only 45 more to go....




We packed up on Sunday morning, after we walked on the deck for coffee and realized the air was dry and the breeze was refreshing.  We did the usual..."Where do you want to go?"  Pete decided ...


Right in our backyard ....well..kinda.  About 5 minutes away.



Such amazing history.  How can you even imagine the hundreds of soldiers storming this field. DSC_2416




;Actual people living in their homes WATCHING the soldiers charging their house.  How lucky are we?  How much people have done for me..for us.



To be here...close to so much of what has made this country what it is humbles me.


I imagine this post is pretty disjointed.  I have written it over several days.  My days have been distracted this week. I have been busy working pretty hard on 2 things...


First thing I am drowning in right now is Latina Christiana II.  Last year Emily breezed through Latin with very little help from me...then me, the brilliant mother,  shelved all school for 12 weeks.  Now starting Latin up has been a bit bumpy.  She comes to me for help and I am TOTALLY clueless...well..actually..I have gotten myself a lot less clueless in the past few days.  It takes time to cram a whole year of Latin into a week to help answer questions.



I have managed to figure out the first 3 verb conjugation and  irregular verb conjugation.  My goal tomorrow is to nail down Noun Declensions.  Not knowing something and feeling helpless is not fun.  But I will say that figuring it out, knowing what you are looking and being able to help feels pretty refreshing...and dare I was kinda fun.  It was a challenge this week to have her ask questions, me have no idea, and then figure them out.

The second thing that kept me busy was finishing a shawl so I could start on my new project.  That I finished.  I thought this post had plenty of pictures.  So I will spare you from 100 pictures of me and my shawl for today.