Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

We had a storm!!  A storm that came upon us pretty quick Friday night.  I have to admit that I was pretty pacing and praying scared.  I have never heard wind sound like this.  The trees behind us were pitching back and was crazy.


We lost power.  As I prayed for safety I also prayed the kids would stay asleep.  Jack gets super nervous about natural disasters, really any disaster makes him nervous.  So I wanted them to NOT see the really scary wind that was surrounding us.



So Pete and I waited.  We just paced from the front of the house to the back of the house.  Nothing ...
So far the trees were all just "almost" touching the house from all there swaying..but still nothing.

I was clutching my scapular .  Pete says he never saw me that was weird..I was scared.

As things calmed down our neighbor flashed his flashlight in our direction.  Of course Pete and I are SO NOT PREPARED for a disaster..we have no flashlights (kids find, play and KILL them instantly), no candles, cell phone was the only patch of light we had to go on.



My neighbor asks if we are ok.  He was not!!  He had a tree in his bedroom!!  A tree HAD fallen on his roof.  They were not hurt..just wet and alarmed!!



The neighbor on our other side had a tree fall on his kinda rolled off and crushed his fence.  Everyone was fine..just not his fence.

Another neighbor had BOTH cars smashed from falling trees...




The children wake up at the very end of the storm.  They mostly see some lightening and hear some thunder. I took them outside to show them all was fine. There were leaves everywhere but we could see little else.  People had started coming out to check on neighbors and assess the overall damage.  It was a weird storm.  Before we knew it was here was gone.

There were trees down all over our neighborhood.  BIG, beautiful, old trees had fallen in the road...sad!!





In the morning we went for a walk ourselves.  The power was still out and we were feeling grateful for the fact that everything was fine.  I feel awful for the many houses surrounding us that were damaged but I am glad nobody was hurt and all was well.


AS the hours wore on and the power was still not on I had to keep reminding myself to be cheerful.  It is easy to be cheerful when all is good in life...but the real test is when things do not feel good..can you have good cheer???

I only had to practice for a half day because the power came on at 1:00 and then all good cheer was present and easy to feel!!!

I know people had it a lot worse.  I know people had to leave there homes because the power company has told them they will not get to them for days.  The heat is intense and no end in sight.

My heart and prayers to all...


  1. I am glad you are okay and we are praying for those affected.

  2. That same storm blew through Ohio earlier (5 pm) and blasted us. We have big, old trees, too, and it was light enough to see them sway. It looked like a giant was swaying them back and forth -- some were sideways. The trees so close to the house make these storms really scary for me.

    Our power was only out for about 18 hours. Just long enough to really appreciate it.

    I'm glad you are ok. I was worried about my Virginia friends. :-)

  3. How amazing and wonderful that you are safe and suffered no damage!

  4. So happy everyone is safe! We has a similar storm last September in New England but our power was out for a week with friends that we took in with their 6 kids because we at least had a fireplace in our little saltbox house..
    It's wonderful so see how people come together in things like this...we met neighbors we
    never met before...the whole community just comes together!!
    Those poor beautiful trees :(
    Looks like the kids are going to have a natural jungle gym for a couple of days.