Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Family MBA








Pete is so close to finishing his MBA. He has been in school for most of our marriage. First her was at the Coast Guard Academy when I decided he needed to marry me. We got married right after he graduated in 1996. After being on a ship for 2 years he got accepted to flight school and spent 2 years doing that. Flight school was really hard for him and we were so glad to be done. We then went to San Diego for 4 years...that was the only time he was not in school.

 When we left California for Alaska Pete began taking classes towards a masters degree in who knows what?? The Coast Guard encourages grad school so he was going just to check that box. He took a class each year we were there...

 After moving to Alabama he decided he needed to actually finish a program and get his grad degree in something. He went to Spring Hill College and got his masters in Leadership and Ethics. He went to class for about 3 years 2 or three times a week. He also was a full time pilot and department head at his work. Lots to do!!

 Meanwhile I cranked out a few more babies that happen to ADORE this well educated man. So, needless to say, Pete has been busy the last few years.

 After he finished his first grad program a great opportunity came up for him to go to grad school full time and earn his MBA. Pete has always loved reading and learning about finance, investing and business, so he went for it. Although he was considered a bit senior for this particular program he was accepted.

 So we are. In school yet again. But now we are looking at the end. Come December I will be kissing a guy with a brand spanking new DEGREE!! All of this to say...all of his education has given me an advanced mind as well. Not to say it is advanced compared to other minds, just advanced for me.

 Now that he is in the thick of business school lots of our pillow talk revolves around running a variety of businesses. We dream, plan and laugh at what our future with this well papered man might look like.

 He has me so wrapped under his MBA spell that even when I am scrubbing toilets in my kids bathroom I am thinking to can I turn this into a business?? What if I offered to clean houses and then have an extra service of hot cooked dinners on the days I cleaned houses. I could bring fresh flowers....suggest various furniture arrangements, leave scented would be a cleaning "experience", more than a service...

 Then I stand up, look at the glass shower doors I just scrubbed and realize before I make a business out of it...I have to provide that "experience" here first. And looking at the shrieks on the outside of the glass doors reminds me, I am not that good of a house cleaner to begin with.

 On to the next good business idea...

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  1. I have been reading your blog for a while and enjoy both your writing and the photos. Love hearing your sewing adventures. It is a lost art and one I am glad I learned early in life. I am now a follower :)