Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I have no less than 26 pictures for this Grand Occasion!!  I have completed my first quilt.  I have more to say about this than I ever thought possible so please forgive the ridiculous amount of "stuff" I am going to say about me and this quilt.

First I will go back a really long time ago...I bought a vintage quilt at an antique store in California when I was shopping with Pete's Aunt and Cousin.  It had red cherries on it and the binding was falling apart.  It was in fair condition and I just loved it.  Since that day 8 years ago I have wanted to make a quilt.  I see them in antique stores all the time and I love to think about the mama's that made them.  The occasions the quilts were used for.

It looked pretty simple...just some pieces, a front, a back and viola!! At this point I had sewn a "learn to sew" pattern and was feeling pretty confident...but cutting things out was my least favorite part of sewing and I knew cutting was HUGE in quilting...so I gave up before I began.. DSC_1153

I told you about the quilting lesson I went to the other day...that was supposed to walk me through the finer points of cutting...the part of quilting that I was not thrilled about. What I ultimately learned was..I need to cut and get over it!! But the really hard part is choosing what fabric to dedicate all this time too...what type of cut pieces would make up this quilt..this labor of love?? Well...fabric is PRICEY!! Like nice fabric is really pricey. I wanted to make a REAL quilt..not a baby one. I wanted to kick off my quilting journey with a family heirloom...but the prices on fabric is CRUSHING!!


Especially for me right now. I have put myself on a spending FREEZE and making a quilt was not the way to kick this off. But I was REALLY DYING to try this.... Well...I thought about saving money over a few months and buying some really fabulous fabric...but I CAN NOT WAIT THAT LONG!!! So I decided to just fine fabric that was not that expensive, and not as fabulous as some!!


I want to mention the price of this whole process because in the blog world I feel like money is this unmentioned aspect and when it comes to making things by hand..money is a big part of what you can and can not create. At least for me it is. I only have so much money ...but I want to make everything I see. I have to choose what to do and how much to spend. Anyway...Last week I went to a different library than we usually go to and I got the book Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts. I found this really easy patchwork table cloth in there and thought that might be a good way to get in the door for less money. The way the tablecloth worked it had no back..so I could NOT by the backing for a real quilt and save on that part.




I went to Joann's that afternoon. I figured I could snag some sale fabric and just give it a go. Well...Joann's can be pricey too. I found NOTHING there that would not cost more than I wanted to spend. I knew there was a Hancock Fabrick close by and I went there. They were having a GREAT sale..50%off all cotton!! Yippy!! PLus a front table with 66% off some fabrics. I was not really sure what color I wanted to go for ..but I knew we were going to be getting together with friends on the 4th so I thought blue might work..plus the table cloth in the book was mostly blue..which I loved. I started finding fabric for like $4 a yard..with %50 off...so really $2 a yard. I could do this and not spend a fortune. Granted the fabric was no Amy Butler..but I am not really worthy of her finery just yet..so $2 sale fabric had me smiling..


 I start choosing 5 different fabrics at 3/4 a yard each and 1 main color at 2.5 yards. I think I spent 16$..that was AMAZING!

! DSC_1225

I took it home, began cutting the pieces as per the pattern I was follwing. I did a pretty good job. But wait..I think I really want to turn this into a REAL quilt..not a tablecloth. I want to see all the pieces fit together and I want to see if I can really do all of it myself.


I went for it. I used the main fabric as the back with scraps to sew along the side so it would be a big as my front..and I had myself a front and back!!


I bought batting Sunday and pieced my quilt sandwich together... By Sunday night I had run the first stitch in the ditch quilt lines down the center..and I was THRILLED!! I was going to finish this quilt so I can have it on the 4th of July!!







But look at me..It is JULY 3!!!


I know you must be thinking..look at her AMAZING WORK!! Just look at it ...the wonder of it all...but how ever did she bind that piece of art??

 That my friend is for another time...soon...I promise. Just feel good knowing that I did not do it the regular way..and I learned many things.




  1. Well done! Such a timely post for me (I have been wanting to make a quilt for ages). Yours looks great, I am even more eager to get started now.

  2. What a happy quilt for happy kids!

  3. You never cease to amaze me!

  4. I love it! I want to hear how you did the binding!