Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birthday Knits


I can not tell you how excited I am to show this little bear. When I was learning to knit I thought knitting something like this was OUT OF MY REACH..I don't know why toys seemed to hard and far off to me, but I was not confident I could pull off all those small parts...

 But Molly asked for a bear for her birthday and I wanted to try. I have the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book and the little bear pattern was in that book. I have knit several things from that book. I am not sure I would use this pattern again. I think I was supposed to use magic loop for the head but I could not figure it out so I just used double points and at the end I was a bot confused...but I was able to fudge it enough to look like a head.


 To me the hardest thing about knitted toys is getting the face right. The face, especially the eyes, mean the difference between UGLY and CUTE. I am pretty happy with the face..but I can see room for improvement. Pete laughed at me until I asked him to show me his knitted bear face....


I used natural alpaca yarn that I got from a Fiber Festival I went to last fall. It was perfect.

 And yes that is Molly's birthday shawl sitting by the would like to see more pictures of we go.

. DSC_1834



DSC_1845 DSC_1849



I knit Molly the Little House Shawl with SEVERAL changes. This is the first time I have really knit off the beaten path. First thing I did was use DK instead of sock yarn. I just really like this pink and the price was right..$6 a skien and I needed 2. Then as I was knitting the feather and fan edge I worried that I may not have bought enough yarn so I decided to knit the body in stockinette instead of garter stitch. I have read that other people conserve yarn with this trick so I thought I would give it a I like the smooth look of stockinette. But I forgot to knit a garter edge so my edges rolled..REALLY BAD. So after I bound off I was pleased ...but kinda REALLY annoyed at the rolling edges. So I decided to knit a different edge to stop the rolling. I picked up stitches and knit several rows of the feather and fan pattern. It created a collar on the border and it was so pretty. I tried it on myself and thought a button would be perfect for this shawl and PERFECT for Molly. She could really just put it on and not have to worry about it falling, or getting undone while she is wearing it. Shawls can be a lot of work to wear if you don't fasten them correctly.


There you have it. I kinda made up my own little pattern..kinda sorta. I was so excited I could hardly sleep that night. I love it on her and the color was perfect.

The decreases in the body of the shawl were all k2tog so it left little bumps all over the fabric...but they actually look really cool.  It adds this really pretty texture.

Needless to say...I LOVED knitting this.  It took me like 5 days to do .  I was knitting every spare minute with size 8 needles so I think that helped.

I made her some other cute stuff...but for now her bear and shawl are all I have to show.

Check out Ginny and her friends as they are SURE to have great inspiration for you...


  1. Really darling knits! Molly looks sweet in her shawl. I can't get over how fast you knit!

  2. That shawl looks very pretty on your daughter, and her new teddy looks very soft and snugly. You have to learn magic loop, it makes knitting in the round so much better and makes double points obsolete! Once I learned, I completely gave up on double points and am very glad I did.

  3. I love,love, love Molly's shawl! The edge you added really enhances the shawl. I love everything about it and it looks darling on Molly. I really like the bear too. I've never tried knitting a toy - I think that it will be harder than it probably really is. I love the knitted doll patterns that Flutterby patch sells in her Etsy shop. I'd like to try making a couple of those cute dollies for my little great-granddaughters. Then click on the Etsy patterns on the upper left. Happy knitting and a belated Happy Birthday to Molly.

  4. The bear is awesome!...and the shawl is gorgeous! You did a great job! Happy Birthday to Molly!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  5. Thanks Mary I will check that out. People are so talented with what they create!

  6. Thanks Barbara. I don't feel fast at knitting. This shawl went really quickly because of the yarn and needles. I see some people knit things in the blink of an eye and I envy their speed. Thanks for all your sweet comments and encouragement.