Monday, June 11, 2012

My OWN Hair Cut


DSC_0040 I CUT MY OWN HAIR THIS MORNING!! I actually took my thread cutting scissors and chopped off about 4 inches of my hair. I acted a bit hastily and cut off more than I intended. I just grabbed one side and CHOP..then took the other side, without much delay or comparing, and CHOPPED again. The second side was MUCH shorter than the first I had to go shorter than I intended.

 I then finished my usual way to long to get ready routine and felt pretty liberated cutting my own hair. I felt like a pretty wise woman at that moment. I just saved myself about $45 just by cutting my own hair. I am brilliant. Why have I not done this before??? Well I know why I have never done this before and why I should cool my jets before doing it again...I am not that good at cutting my own hair and just because it does not look awful right now does not mean I am free to try this again.....


I spent the rest of the day glancing at myself at every mirror I happened to walk past. I am pretty happy..even though it is about an inch to short. The rest of the time was spent planning my first go at a practice quilt. I have been reading and reading and trying to figure the whole thing out (thanks for the help guys...I REALLY appreciate any tips and instruction) and I am just going to jump in and do a 2.5 x 2.5 small square patch quilt. I do not want to buy anything to make this practice quilt so I am using what I already have in my small fabric stash. I am using similar colors and cream and white squares to break up the colored/patterned ones. I am not in LOVE with the colors I have to work with but I am making a scrap quilt and the scraps I have are mostly brownish, orange-ish colors.


So we will see how this all goes. I have no batting picked yet. Or backing for that matter. But I will figure that out after I cut 880 2 x 2 squares.






p.s I made that headband!! My friend had a cute headband on the other day and she said she made it. I was pretty excited about the prospect of making my own headband since I have acquired a recent obsession with wearing things in my hair. I have to say I think I love this not even close to perfect headband I made. Please do not think for one second you want a tutorial from would have to go something like this...

 1. wrap fabric, quickly jam a needle and thread through it so your wrap does not unwrap. Do that many times without sticking yourself. Glue on a piece of backing. Attach to headband!

 2. Handle with care because some of those stitches look like they are coming loose already!!


  1. Your hair is cute! And I think you must ell us at least where to find directions for making that awesome headband!

  2. I usually use white flannel (instead of batting) between the layers of a baby quilt. It makes a nice weight for a baby and is easy to work with, especially for your first go.

  3. The cut looks great! -Vanessa

  4. You are so BRAVE! The only time I "cut" my hair at home was done (NOT ON PURPOSE!) by my 2 year old! He decided to be my stylist! Haha, you are much better than he is.