Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Little Knits

I have been knitting. It has just been slow going. I have to admit to being a little slow because I am an instant gratification type knitter and summer weather does not inspire me to get done quickly. I have been spending extra moments looking through little toy patterns on Ravelry. All I can picture is me making the perfect little something for Drew and him carrying it with him the rest of his babyhood. I would LOVE that.


But for some reason no toy has jumped out at me and I haven't started him one yet. But the other day I knit a headband for the girls and I. I mentioned the other day that I have been a bit obsessed with headbands and I thought what better way to wear hand knits in the summer..a headband.




It is cute and it was really easy to do. I used this free pattern and made it exactly like she said to do. I think it looks a little sailor-ish so I have decided to make it my "wear to the poo"l headband. Who knew you could wear hand knitted items to a pool in June? I really want to knit a few flowers and make a headband with them. Maybe next week. At some point I have got to get planning my next school year...4 students in residence and I am in a small denial that I am responsible to make that happen!!! I would rather plan on my next small knitting project. But the real knitting is still happening on my Oaklet Shawl. I am S...L...O...W...L....Y knitting away at this. Like I said before I knitting it much bigger than the pattern says to do. I had a lot of the yellow Quince Yarn and I want to use as much as I can for this shawl. I want to wrap it around me with room to spare. It is just taking me a VERY long time to go through the almost 400 stitch rows.



And I am reading a book too... Emma !  I have never finished a Jane Austin book because I have never been patient enough to slowly absorb the story.  I am going to do it this summer.  I have a goal and it begins with Emma!!!


  1. I love that - and I'm definitely going to make one...or some :)

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Neat head band will share with my daughter.
    Oaklet is my favorite shade of yellow!