Friday, June 8, 2012

Teaching Knitting


Just taught 2 people how to knit this week. One mom came over and we planned to have a lesson. It was great. She did great. The other mom was just over here visiting and said, "Hey, can you teach me to knit!!" DSC_4778 Being able to knit and being able to teach is two different things. I think I want to get better at both...knitting and teaching! DSC
_4769 Pete asked me how I thought I did teaching. I think I did O.K. The real proof will be in how well the people I taught do when they get home to practice. DSC_4766 Tomorrow I go to a quilting class. As much as I would like to come home with a fully made and complete quilt in the first lesson, I know that I will actually only be practicing measuring and cutting. But after that...look out quilting world!!

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  1. How nice of you!...perpetuating your addiction like that...I used to teach an evening knitting class at the community was a lot of fun! I had to teach myself to knit left handed though...just so I could teach the left handed people...

    ~Have a lovely weekend!