Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It is finally DONE!! I have loved and NOT loved working on this shawl. Lots of easy knitting which can be perfect sometimes and NOT perfect other times. I started taking it with me everywhere and trying to work on it as much as possible. DSC_0830 I think I am going to LOVE owning this shawl. It is big, which is exactly what I wanted. I am very much loving the whole "wear a shawl instead of a sweater" idea. I am kinda in an old fashioned mood, and I think old fashioned people wore shawls. DSC_0834 I finished Sunday night and blocked it on Monday. While it was still damp I wore it around the house. Not sure if that is really OK to do if you are blocking something...but I get to excited. Plus I cranked air down to like 67degrees so I would not DIE while wearing a wool shawl in June. DSC_0840 Just in case you were wondering..I have like 17 pictures of ME wearing THIS shawl so if you want to go do something else you won't be missing much...just another angle of the same yellow shawl... DSC_0842 You may be thinking that you see a small error in the back line of stitching...YOU DON'T..that is called "making this a ONE-OF-A-KIND". There is a difference. DSC_0853 Don't judge the uneven hair pooling over the really big, yellow shawl..I cut it myself..remember!! DSC_0879


These next few pictures are me HUGGING THE SHAWL!! Hey..it's pretty exciting to me when I finish a project. I like to linger in the feeling of joy for awhile.




 OK..now for a really sensible picture of me bending down in my woods with my really big yellow shawl on. I have seen lots of people take this type of shot with their knitted garments..right??


And this shot is one that Emily wanted me to try. She wanted me to wrap my really big yellow shawl around the tree, me stand behind it and smile really big... So I did!!

  DSC_0940And this is my thank you to my dear Sweet Bean who always joyfully takes 200 pictures of her mama wearing her knitted items in the middle of summer!! DSC_0958

Check out Ginny's blog for more amazing pictures of perfectly knitted items!!!


  1. Lisa it looks great!! The Amish always make a mistake while making a quilt;it is to humble them. Imperfections make it that more personal. You have so many heirlooms to pass down to your kids. What a gift!
    See you Thursday,

  2. Adorable! Your post had me in giggles. I love your shawl and that yellow is wonderful! It looks great on you. Your daughter did a great job taking photos-there is so much charm in each picture.

  3. OH my gosh you are just to cute!! Your post made me laugh because I feel the same way when I finally finish a big craft project and it came out just the way I wanted it to!
    Your daughter is a great photographer BTW!

  4. The shawl, the color, and the knitting, love it.

  5. The shawl is beautiful and you look absolutely beautiful wearing it - I hope it brings you much joy per stitch for many years to come :)

  6. Your shawl is beautiful!! I love the color it looks great on you. I also am a fan of cutting my own hair but instead of flipping my hair under....it shows too many mistakes. I always flip my hair up a little bit...no mistakes are usually seen..just a tip from a fellow hairstylist.


    A Knitters Notebook

  7. It turned out beautiful!! I love the detail! I am currently working on a shawl, and I chose black yarn! What was I thinking? I can barely see what I am doing!