Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Watch Where You Step

 I am kinda on a roll.  Once Pete came home and loved the changes I had an extra charge of energy. I focused my energy on my own school/sewing room. The room is one of those rooms that the builder calls an office and we were like, "Who can work at our house in an office?"  So we first tried to make it a "school room".  We put a table, 6 chairs, 3 bookshelves and lots of little people in this room and promptly realized it was WAY TO SMALL for a school room.  So we moved ALL that furniture into the basement and I TRIED to make that a "schoolish" space. But basement means somewhat UNDERGROUND and that means NO light and I HATED we stopped doing school...(just kidding).
 I spent most of my days running from downstairs to the basement to upstairs because things were all over the place.  I knew we had to change things up but I was not sure how to.

 Before Pete left we made a trip to IKEA and found the perfect solution.  There is always a perfect solution at IKEA!!  We added things up and left the store promising to be back in a few weeks to purchase our perfect solution.  Meanwhile the "office" was empty. There was a Swifter plugged in there because , hey there was NOTHING else in the room!!!
 Pete leaves. I change the house.  I store some furniture in the empty office while I am deciding what to do with it.  Suddenly I realize I OWN THE PERFECT solution.  I have book shelves!!  I have an old library table from 1848 (stamped on bottom).  I have various chairs in a modest state of disrepair.  I got excited.  I stole lamps from other rooms.  I grabbed a carpet from another room ....and suddenly I had a school room.  And even better I had a SEWING room.  I could leave my gear out and ready to work at any time!!  I was just recently complaining to a friend about not being able to sew because the set up/ break down took more time than sewing!!
Pete was thrilled.  Which I was a little nervous about because I thought he really loved what we found at IKEA and I was not sure if he was going to like what I had done!!  But he did.  He came home and immediately said, "I need to paint that room for you!!"....kiss, kiss, swoon, swoon!!  He paints and then yesterday we headed to Goodwill for some picture frames for some kid art...

Well...I found 3 wall shelves for $9.  I asked Pete if we could hang these in my school/sewing room.  He said they would be perfect!!  (Then I found a dresser($35) that I bought so I could finally get Drew's clothes out of 2 laundry baskets next to my bed!!  His dresser came with pink drawers with a gray background..which will be converted TODAY!! Which this has nothing to do with my school room..but I got excited and decided to share).

Anyway...I put the finishing touches on the room last night and I basically wanted to SLEEP THERE!!

I have a sewing all I need is better sewing skills!!

But I do have a ladder filled with yarn...

And how much of an eye opener it was when I realized I have tons of the same color yarn....I clearly have a hard time going out on a limb when it comes to color more!!  I want my ladder to have more than just BLUE!!

I also have painted and HUNG shelves...brackets are from Lowe's for $4 each.  I painted the shelves from Goodwill white and sanded them....

All the while being careful not to step on little people LAYING on the floor 2 ft. from you AT ALL TIMES!!

Whole room pictures are coming soon.  I am not loving whole room pictures because I am NOT GOOD AT TAKING THEM!!


  1. I LOVE your idea for storing yarn! Your stash looks so much like mine: lots and lots of blues!!! Also in response to your question on the Oaklet Shawl border: as long as your stitches are an even number when you divide by 8 you should be all set. Check the pattern though because I think it does have something about that if you want to make it larger. I really do wish I'd made mine just a bit bigger but it comes out very nice!! I can't wait to see yours!

  2. I'm sure it looks awesome! the ladder is such a cute idea! Can't wait to see it all!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  3. I love all the new additions to your sewing room--they look so charming. I adore the pink-very cheerful. I want to know more about your stash of wool--it looks delicious!! Your little ones play so nicely together.

  4. Your sewing room looks lovely! I've a corner of the playroom - I'm slowly taking over ...

  5. You are amazing! I don't know how you accomplish so much with all the little people hanging around. I can't wait to see Drew's dresser. The ladder looks great. :)