Friday, May 18, 2012

Still Figuring It All Out- Jack's 6

I have 6 kids.  Four girls and 2 boys.  But really I am new to the mom of boy thing.  I have had Jack for 6 years now, but I am slow to pick up on parenting a boy.  Drew is still so little so it feels like I still have 4 girls, 1 boy and a baby.

We never find out what the baby is before they are born.  I am always wanting a girl.  I just get them.  I know how to be a mom to girls.  I would never have asked for a boy.  But I am so glad I was blessed with one, and now 2.  Having a son is such a special, wonderful thing...and I am glad I did not get to make my own choice because I would have missed out on my Jack....and my baby Drew!!

Now...with all that being said...I am very much a girly-girl surrounded by girly girl things.  I don't mean to be that way...I just am.  But now that Jack is growing up I have had to adjust my thinking and learn a lot from Pete on how to be a mom to a boy.

Take for instance...Jack's b-day.  Not ever being one for big birthday parties I knew this year Jack needed a party. He has never had one and the last few birthdays of his have been..kinda lame.  It was his turn.  I invited about 6 little boys and then proceeded to kinda panic about what to do with 6 little boys.  Pete was going to be around so I was confident they would have fun...but keeping 6 six year old boys happy and having fun is tons of work and I knew we needed a plan.  But I was not sure what to plan.  They can't paint their nails, or take turns doing hair styles to each other.  When we run out of things to do I can't just blast music and tell them to dance, or whip out pink glitter to smother cut out hearts in.  And what about a craft??  Most parties I have thrown for little girls have a craft...

Pete decided to have a fishing party for Jack.  Go to the lake, fish and just hang out.  I thought that would be great and they would love that..for about 15 minutes...then what??

So the morning of the party I told Pete that I thought we might want to have a few more things planned, unless he wanted me to bring glitter to the lake...just in case.

Well...we thought we could take a hike...perfect!!!
We will eat....perfect....!!!
We will have a scavenger hunt.....very fun!!!

What about a craft??  Can boys craft together???  Well then we thought of DUCT tape!!  What can we do with duct tape??

That was all we needed.  Once we decided to do something with duct tape the whole party came together.

We gathered all of our Nerf guns and bullets and made shields and bullet cases.  Each boy would get a shield to decorate with duct tape and his own bullet case.  Then they can shoot each other's shields and have a war in the woods....

We all got to work...and realized that duct tape crafting can be tricky.  Not to point out the obvious...but duct tape sticks to everything,  even itself.  So Pete decided to create each shield for each boy and they would just play with them instead of help make them.  It was the right move. Six little boys at a party do not want to be slowed down with a CRAFT!!!

They want action!!

They were so excited to get their shield, each with their initial and special design.  And then Pete began his little boy magic.....

They loved it..and when open warfare was over Pete took them to "scout" out the woods for other enemy camps.  I am not sure who was having more fun....general or soldiers??

Bottom line..I had nothing to worry about.  Throwing a party for a boy was super easy.  Just let them be boys.  Do boy things.  And have a daddy there to help them enjoy all things boy!!

And the funny thing is...Lucy turns 5 in 2 weeks and she wants the same party with shields and bullet cases, a hike in the woods and maybe just a little glitter project on the side!!! No problem there!!


  1. That sounds like an AWESOME boy party!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. That post is why I love boys! I have three brothers, no sisters, three sons, one daughter (He was determined to make me learn, too). Boys are, generally speaking, straight shooters. You always know what's going on in their little heads! I love that.