Thursday, May 3, 2012

Simple Sewing

Most of my sewing goes on in my head these days.  I think about things I want to sew. I think about going to a great fabric store and stashing pretty things for projects yet to come.  But every now and again I get the urge to sew something and it is usually something simple.

I got this book Carefree Clothes For Girls after Ginny recommended it.  I like the style of these clothes because they seem to not be precise.  I am not a precise sewer ..yet.  So this style appeals to me.  Plus I love the artful way the clothes look.  And I may or may not LOVE dressing my girls up in things and taking their picture so I love the ideas I get from books like this.

I got home this afternoon and felt the urge to make something for Lucy.  She has these little bumps on her sweet face and I feel bad for her.  We are taking her to the Dr. tomorrow morning..but I just wanted to love on her a little this afternoon...being that  it is Thursday and she and Priscilla are the only 2 bigs here today. And I made a knitted pocket for Jack the other night.(which promptly got dropped in a mud puddle) Lucy was up for a new little something.

I decided to make the Babushka -Style Scarf.  I had some lace from a lace shop in Alabama and a pretty scrap of pink fabric.  It was super fast..and super cute after I was done.

So what am I reading??  Well right now I mostly listen to books on my i-phone.  I just finished a book last night called The Thirteenth Tale.  It was ..ok.  The story was SUPER slow moving and the main caracater was kinda dismal.  But the story was a good one once it got told.  Not a great recommend though...

So I was looking through Audible last night and could not find anything that looked good.  And then I remembered Christa did a book review in 2010....and I still had yet to read some of those books.  I decided to try Moloka'i.  VERY GOOD SO FAR.  I started it this moring on my run and I decided on the long route today because I wanted to keep listening.  So thanks Christa !!  I need more titles..please!!


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  1. Cute Babushka! I hope the bumps heal quickly!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. What a sweet project! I love it. My little one would love it too. Yours is modeling it so beautifully! I hope the bumps heal quickly and she's feeling all better soon!

  3. How precious! Hope her bumps heal super fast..poor baby!