Saturday, May 5, 2012


 I have mentioned before on this here blog that I run.  I do!  I run almost everyday.  I have been running since Pete and I got married and we lived in Alameda CA right outside of Oakland.  The Oakland hills were so beautiful that I wanted to be there as much as I could.  I met a friend in my college economics class and we would meet in the Oakland Hills and run together.  Pete was deployed for 6 months and I had a lot of spare time on my hands. Not to mention that I lived in a super cute little town and I loved running along the water looking out to San Fransisco Bay...and thus a 16 year relationship began. 
 And like any has had it's ups and downs.  I have run in several races and the longest being a half marathon.  I trained for a full Marathon with a real training group when we lived in San Diego...but I got pregnant with Emily and I began eating my head off and running was the first thing I gave up.  But after she was born I reluctantly began running again.  I figured I could do it anywhere, and at anytime so I might at well just do it.
 I have not entered any races lately because I began to realize I was paying to run and why would  I PAY TO DO THIS???  But me not being in any races may have more to do with the story of the last race I did run in....
 When we lived in Sitka Alaska every November there was an event called Whale Fest.  Speakers came in from all over the world and had a whale conference.  Anything that happened in Sitka that was out of the ordinary felt special and therefore the town would do special things...such as sponsor a 10K and call it the Whale Fest Run.  I signed up !  I was newly pregnant with Lucy but I am usually able to run until week 17 or so.  At the time of the race I would only be 10 weeks along.  I did not see any reason why I should not be able to participate....
 So..on a bitter cold November morning everybody, Pete, Emily, Molly, and baby Jack, bundled up to watch mama run her 10K.  Jack was strapped to Pete's back and the girls were crying because it was so cold.  I was excited.  The run was to the end of the Island and back to Whale Park off Sawmill Creek Rd.  And in typical Sitka fashion only about 15 people signed up to run that day.  The Island is pretty small boasting a population of about 8000 people...during tourist season!!
 I loved the run!!  It was beautiful and I remember thinking how secluded I felt and what a special opportunity this was.  But as the race went on I realized I had not seen another runner in awhile.  No worries..I was almost done.  Feeling pretty proud of myself for completing this 10K I rounded the corner to the finish line and saw 2 people standing there...Pete and the race director guy....
 I was the last person to finish the all the other runners finished, returned, chatted and DROVE AWAY IN THEIR CAR!!!  Holding my 10 minute mile self together I finished the race and tried not to be so humiliated.  Pete gave me the whole husband pep talk trying to make me feel better...It kinda who cares nobody would know but Pete, me and race director guy...
 Well in Sitka all news is worth sharing and the results of the Whale Fest 10K results were worth knowing that November.  The Sitka Sentinel published the race results listing me in the top 15 to finish the race.  So many people congratulated me the following week.."Good job on the run must be a good runner getting in the top 15!"
 I NEVER brought up the fact that there were only 15 TOTAL..and that means I was  LAST!!

 I told Emily and Molly this story and they felt so bad for me.  Nothing could be more horrifying than being last....except maybe showing up somewhere and you realize you have no pants on...but that is all just made never REALLY happens to people...right??
So...this is part of my running story.  The rest sounds something like this..

.I am not a fast runner.  I am a consistent one.  I run almost 6 days a week anywhere from 3-5 miles depending on how much time I have that day.  I am still about a 9 minute a mile pace gal.  I get up between 5:30-6:00 to go running.  I will run in the rain because I like the smell of wet trees.  I do not like running in the heat of the day because it is to hot.  I have never run a marathon but would like to....

I have only had one running partner and her name was Tara.  She was my Oakland Hills running partner and the best running friend I have ever had.  She was faster than me but always kept pace with me..never making me feel bad because I was slower than her.

Pete has never run with me in all these years or being married and I am OK with that!! It's not's me! 

I have no cute running clothes so I try to run in the dark.  I am always in need of new sneakers and never seem to have enough socks.  I want to be a better runner..but after 16 years of the same type of running I think I may just be...not that good at it...but I keep trying!!


  1. A consistent runner is the best kind! I'm impressed with your dedication. I'm an on-again/off-again runner, really only running when I'm signed up to run something big. I ran a marathon after my second child was born (it was a great way to lose weight, and get some solitude!), and even when I was running 10-15 miles for my long runs, I still didn't feel like a "real runner" -- whatever that means. Also, I was part of an invitational track meet when I was in high school and finished almost a lap behind the other runners. I was way out of my league, and EVERYONE in the stands stood and clapped for me when I finished-- which I think may be worse than finishing last with no one around? I don't know, but it was humiliating!!

  2. I think you may be right. That would be hard to endure! Being last is no fun any way you look at it!

  3. I'd like to be a consistent runner. I just joined a trail running group... unfortunately I'm the only newbie so I was very much left behind. I'd love to find a running buddy so I don't get eaten by a bear while I'm running through the forest but it seems like it might be difficult to find someone. I think it's great that you've run consistently for so long, it's inspiring.

  4. I did the couch to three K and then stopped. I'm so inconsistent--just got a bike and have been biking it outdoors. I tagged you in a little meme today. I follow you and am inspired by your Catholic faith, sewing, and raising of your kids--just wanted you to know.


  5. GOOD for you! I think you should just run because you like to!

    Have a lovely day!

  6. Your running sounds EXACTLY like mine! It's to painful to try and go faster. I like my 10 minute mile pace. Running is when I do all my thinking, praying, and daydreaming. I have one running partner, but I love to run by myself too!