Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Days

These pictures are about as rambling as my last few days have been.  I seem to be rambling from one task to another...not really feeling like I am doing much .  I have been staying up super late and that should mean that I am getting tons more done around here...but really I seem to be able to waste vast amounts of time on who knows what...I have felt so distracted by Ginny's friend and having the constant mindset to keep praying.

I have had this fog like way the last few days.  A search for thumb tacks leads to clearing out 5 drawers full of craft stuff.  Changing a light bulb means running to Target to get a new lamp because such and such room REALLY needs more light...finding an old family DVD with pictures from long ago sends me on a 2 hour time warp trying to figure out how to get I-Tunes to let me use MY music for a video.  Granted all this is done while carrying my very heavy 4.5 month old....and before you know it I must make dinner, clean and read to rowdy little ones and then begin  to wrap things up for the day.

And everyday I tell myself , "Today you will begin to begin to plan for next year."  I have a goal of making my kids "work cards" (that is their daily assignment sheets for the week) before the school year starts the first week of August.  And I know that sounds far away.  But as we all know it will be here in the blink of an eye.  But everyday I have wonderful reasons to NOT do any of that.  I will!!  I know I will.  And I will be so glad that I did.

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