Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ode To Knitting

Can string make someone this happy?  Throughout the day when I am feeling...overwhelmed or dare I say...confined all I need to do is slip a stitch or two and peace and happiness is regained.

I started knitting 2.5 years ago now.  Just about the time I began blogging.  One came from the other and I have never looked back.  Learning to knit is not easy.  You have to be ready to be frustrated and disappointed....for a little while at least.  But then the joy is never ending...

Finding the right pattern and the right yarn is all part of the joy that has become knitting.

Taking pictures of yarn. Looking at all the yarn and patterns from other people...all joy!!

Sometimes I feel...indulgent in this happiness.  Can something so simple as a string twisting be this wonderful? 

I listen to podcasts about knitting.  I read lots of knitting books and magazines.  I search patterns and read through peoples project notes daily as I nurse Drew. All of this makes me feel so...happy.  Some might roll their eyes or think such a content feeling is silly to be wrapped into a craft.  But I feel so connected to the past when I knit.  I think of all the women who have come before me that knit out of need not pleasure.  In a stronger sense I feel so connected to the future.  These are the items I want my grand kids to be holding one day (maybe not the $5 in Paris sweater...the yarn is kinda....).

Anyway..all this to say I am still working on the Oaklet shawl in the Quince Chickadee .  And what you see in this photo is me winding my yarn on the back of 2 kitchen chairs.  I need a ball winder and swift.  And just in case you LOVE yours would you mind leaving a little info about it in the comments because I am hoping somebody who might be looking for a Mother's Day gift might be joyfully lead in the right direction...wink...wink!!

Sorry about the sappy "Ode to Knitting"..I just am lovin' on my life right now and knitting is part of that!!


  1. Your photos are beautiful and what you write is so sweet, It makes me happy too, which is rather odd I think... but not around yarn alongs, phew

  2. I have a swift and winder. I think I just bought them on sale thru nitpicks a few years ago. I know the yarn harlot did a review of swifts during her Christmas countdown last year. I am sure you could find it and pick what you wanted.

    1. Just received an email that nitpicks has their swift on sale right now in case you are interested.

  3. Pretty yellow! It's hard to believe it's been that long. I share many of your sentiments on knitting. It helps me feel peaceful and connected as well. :)

  4. Yes, string can make you ridiculously happy! And buttons, too! :)

  5. Isn't it amazing how yarn can make us happy? I just love it. I listen/watch knitting podcasts when I am knitting and spinning and I get so inspired.

    My hubby got me a ball winder and swift about 6 years ago from Knit Picks. He got the heavy wooden swift which is heavy duty and never gives me any trouble. I think he paid around $100 for both items. I'm not sure how much the prices have gone up - I do know the ball winders have improved since I got mine, although I have never had any problems with mine at all.

    Your Oaklet looks pretty so far. I am thinking about casting on with some of my stash sock yarn.

  6. Lisa, this is absolutely the best ball winder:
    You were with me when we looked at it at the Fiber Festival! I love it so so much.

  7. Who needs a swift, right? My knees legs and feet are usually what I use. So funny that doing so is sort of meditative, although swifts are pretty cool... I am in no rush to get one :)
    I am with you on your yarn and knitting passion. I saw this funny thing online that says "Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy yarn which is pretty much the same thing" ;)

  8. The Beka yarn swift......best.yarn.swift.EVER!

  9. I know what you mean...yarn love...I don't have a swift...and Scout is getting less and less happy about serving as one...

    Have a lovely day!

  10. The yellow yarn is gorgeous!
    I just finished the Oaklet Shawl...it is such a beautiful pattern.
    I have a ball winder, but no swift. My b-day is monday, however, and I did request one, so we shall see! :) The ball winder I have is from Knitpicks. It works fine, for now, but I have a feeling I will need an upgrade in a few years!

  11. You are absolutely right about the effect of knitting. I find it very calming. I'm interested to read the winder recommendations. I use the back of the chair, although, I'm lucky and my eldest is always keen to help.

  12. Enjoyed your Ode. I feel the same way about knitting. And riding my horse. I'm not particularly good at either but it doesn't seem to matter. They are positive, absorbing, and rewarding addictions...

  13. I always enjoy your blog, Lisa!! And your photos are wonderful!! I love my swift and ball winder. I ordered mine online, don't remember from who, but the winder is a Royal brand, same as what Susan had at the shop in Mobile and the swift is the nice wooden one!! I couldn't live without them!!!

  14. I am not sure what is special about one yarn swift over another. My husband bought me the Knitpicks yarn swift and ball winder for Mother's Day a few years ago (it goes on sale this time of year). I have been pleased with them. My neighbor has the same one and she is happy too.

  15. Your journal here is so warm and filled with simple joys. Finding myself searching for ways that lead to sewing (and the joy that feted brings to me)...found you and yours in that search.
    I hope to get better too.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted