Monday, May 21, 2012

Mom's Journey

I knit my mom a Piper's Journey Shawl for Mother's Day!! I was a smidge late on the completion of the gift. I thought I started in time to finish for Mother's Day but ...."best laid plans of mice and men..."

I will say that giving this shawl as a gift was just about as exciting as me giving it to myself.  There is something very feminine about wearing a shawl and I knew my mom would love it.  I knit it from the same yarn as my own because I LOVED the color so much and felt like it went with so many other colors.  This pattern is so sweet and I loved every stitch I made.

I made my mom's a bit bigger than mine because I wish mine were bigger.  I like the feeling this shawl has when draped and worn as a shoulder shawl so I went for a bigger size for mom's.

I feel like I am writing a 5th grade essay called "What You Gave Your Mom for Mother's Day"..sorry about that.  I am so worn out right now.  I have been a busy little mama these last few days and I just sat down for the first time in a few days (at least that's what it feels like) simple 5th grade essay's is all I have in me tonight.

But I must tell you about my pin on MY shawl. My friend MADE it for me!!  I was so THRILLED.  I LOVE IT!!  I basically get up in the morning and think..."mmm...what goes with my new pin?"  I never knew I could love a pin so much..and a pin that goes with my Piper's Journey??  I am not sure if she reads my blog....but if she does then I will take the chance to say...I LOVE MY PIN!!  I LOVE that you made it and that you gave it to ME!!  I want you to make is so beautiful!!

That is all folks...and if my love wakes up and reads this I want to say..
I LOVE you!!


  1. Oh, as a hs English teacher, I can tell you this didn't come across as a fifth grade essay. The photos alone are so moving, so lovely. What a spectacular gift. (and that pin. wow)

  2. Thanks Allison. And my pin makes me swoon..thanks for saying "wow"

  3. Your shawls are beautiful!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  4. LOVE the pin, the shawl, the post and these super sweet photos/moments! So lovely...