Sunday, May 27, 2012

A House ReArranged

I took out my camera the other day to get pictures of my new and improved living room.   I laid the baby down on the couch next to me and started getting myself in all positions to capture the TRUE change that has undergone my home.  Here is what I realized...

#1  Andrew looked so cute laying there that I spent most of my time taking his picture and trying to make him a lot of time ...and 1 million pictures!!!

#2 I then realized that taking pictures of your house is very difficult.  Especially when you walk around saying, "Oh, let me get a picture of that knob." And when you are done taking a picture of "the knob" you walk over and begin shooting several pictures of scrap material and buttons.  Not exactly capturing the rearrangement of furniture you were hoping to present.  But fun camera practice!!

#3 Then you walk out of button jar, knob room and into the room where 2 girls are sitting and reading looking so cute and wanting to be silly.  They were teasing each other about who knows what and enjoying the new arrangement of books and cozy spots to read them in.  And yet again I walk out of that room with little to show in way of house changes...but a really cute red head all dressed up to go get her daddy from the airport.

#4  The changes are way more "wow" in person than on Sim card.  But I have to say Pete LOVED it.  LIKE REALLY LOVED IT!!  The biggest change we made was moving the kitchen table, swapping the 2 rugs, putting the couch up against the wall.  I bought some yellow pillows and lamp to help bring the yellow/gold color from the kitchen into the living room.  I must have been like 7 months pregnant when I agreed to go SO red in the living room. I am in a way more neutral mood right now...but with the new arrangement of furniture I am way happier with the red.

I stole lamps from all over the house to add to this space.  I grabbed a blue lamp from the basement and then I remember seeing these cute blue tables at Target.  I loaded all the kids up and rushed to Target to get the little blue tables. I got them home and wondered how I ever lived without these 2 blue tables??

 And do you see that room behind the living room??  The one with the blue chairs??  Well that is my new sewing/school room!!  I took furniture from 2 other rooms and put it together in that room and now I have a space for all sorts of mess to be made.

I could go on and on...but to you guys it probably looks pretty much the same...but to is a whole new world.

At one point this was the living room...

And to the guy who I am hoping helps me convince Pete to take a sander to these floors this summer...
"Do you see how shiny the floors are?? HELP!!  Soon!!"

So that is it.  I will say I spent some money.  Pete and I had been saving to buy this whole fancy shelf/desk system from Ikea.  To do the whole school/sewing space it was going to cost $1600.  I rearranged everything, used what I had and spent about $500.  I  bought yellow pillows (6), 2 tables, a gray blanket, a fake flower arrangement , a little yellow side sitting puff thing (total sucker buy that I LOVE!!), a new rug for in front of the front door (not shown here...yet), a new table runner ...

A new yellow lamp and lamp shade that I must say MAKES the entire room.  It was spendy...but I am glad I went for it.  I had to get 2 new basket/bucket things for the school/sewing room because I have more yarn than I realized.

So all this was taken from the money we were saving for the IKEA shelf/desk system.  So I am feeling pretty good about saving us a bundle.  Plus we used what we already had and I got to freshen up THE WHOLE house for a fraction of what were were getting ready to spend.

I am sure I could have shopped and gotten better prices on some stuff...but I was on a roll. Besides, in my line of work, when I have all the kids in the store, and I am ready to buy,  I try not to prolong the torture for any of us.


  1. Love your colors and your light. And that sweet baby boy who looks a lot like his daddy!

  2. You know, I love the shine on your floors. I don't think you should mess with them! And the rug underneath the blue tables...where did you buy it? I want one!!

  3. Sigh, I think you like red too! Had to pin some of these. I am so sad though because my house is too dark for red. I used to have an amazing red living room in my old house. But the red and blue combo just pop.
    And, have to add your baby is adorable!!

  4. WE got that carpet at a store called Plow and Hearth in our town. One day after Mass we just breezed in to browse. I saw it and knew I needed it. I love braided rugs. It is HUGE and it was like $240. Which is good for a carpet that size. Come..visit me and we can go!! They don't always have rugs...

  5. I am totally loving that rug too - sadly too far away for me to whip in and buy one! Your room looks fantastic.