Sunday, May 13, 2012

Days With Titles

I have always felt bad for Pete on days with a title, like "Mother's Day."  You see I live in a land of high expectation.  I was raised watching General Hospital and I think it was burned into my mind that days were filled with high passion and scandalous events.  I realize now that most days are filled with passion...just not the kind that Frisco and Felicia had in the 80's.  The passion that fills my days is more along the lines of the injustice of somebody taking somebodies mud soup pot.  There is genuine passion in those moments.

But over the years I have come to adjust my expectations and realize I may have them set a bit high.  But this weekend was just the right mix of wonderfulness that comes with days with a title.

 I don't think I have spent Mother's Day with my own mother in a long time.  Just being with her was a treat this weekend. The chance to think about her as a mom and who I have become as a mom is so amazing.  The life of 2 people bring forth so much more life .  And as mother's we are the heart of all

I was not a perfect mom today.  I was not a perfect wife today!
I was me. And I love this job.  I love getting to do this everyday...even the hard ones.  I love getting to do it with these people.  I love seeing their faces and feeling their kisses and hoping to have them with me forever.

I love days with a title!!  

Especially when they come with a present!!!

Happy Mother's Day

p.s. Ginny...this swift ROCKS!!  I love it!!  I love that Pete got the one from the Sheep and Wool people.  I love winding yarn and I love the little cakes they make. I knew he got it when he thanked you in the comments so I have been DYING for this day to come!!