Thursday, April 12, 2012

With Needle and thREAD

I have said many times that I have learned so much from reading blogs and trying new things...
Clearly I have fallen in love with knitting and I owe all that to Ginny...she has inspired so many and how grateful am I for it!!

I think I actually found Ginny through Elizabeth Foss.  She linked to Ginny's blog about mud kitchens.  I was hooked.  I loved her pictures and ...just Ginny!!  Through my excitement over knitting I began to look into other "crafts"...which led to sewing.  Lots and lots of sewing

It seems like Elizabeth Foss has a similar story..talent bubbling beneath the surface now exploding with excitement.  A few weeks ago she posted about her girls new sewn dresses and I felt her smile and the absolute JOY that comes with making something your children wear!! The feeling is me at least.

Now Elizabeth is bringing together other bloggers through sewing ...

Check out her blog every Thursday for sewing eye candy and lots of great inspiration in her link up called....Needle and thREAD....

My first installment:

I love this book.  I love how simple the projects "seem" to be.  Everything Amanda does seems simple.  But for me, I am still very much a learner in progress.  The other night I wanted to make something...and finish it.  I wanted to use what I had and try to learn something new.  I have a goal of making a super cute bag from another sewing book I have but it looks a little complicated.  So I flipped through Amanda's book and found this sweet little bag to sew.

I loved the little balls at the bottom of the bag and I thought this may be a good stepping stone for future purse/bag making tries.

I typically like to sew things to wear.  I have a hard time sewing this cute bag and not somehow wearing it...This bag sits in a draw so I can use it when I need a little bag..maybe a knitting project bag perhaps.  But I must say I prefer finishing something I can wear.

And as for reading...
I am pretty much addicted to listening to Phillipa Gregory and her Tudor Court novels.  I find the whole mess pretty interesting.  I can listen to books on my phone and I pretty much do any time I can. Picking up  book and reading actual words is harder to come by right now.  Of course I read Sex, Style and Substance and I also bought Beyond Snapshots and have been reading through that.

Thanks Elizabeth for letting me share yet another obsession and thanks for being the gateway that led me to these wonderful pleasures!!


  1. Hi Lisa! I think we are kindred spirits when it comes to the joy that comes with fiber crafting:-). Thanks so much for letting me peek at your current doings. i'm looking forward to checking in every week.

  2. Such a cute bag.....and really if you take it with you for a knitting project or such that is kinda wearing it right??? Happy sewing!!

  3. Okay, first off thank you so much for becoming my first "stranger" follower on my blog....that was surprising Secondly, I never thought much about that bag in Handmade Home until I saw yours! I want that bag! Great job! I think that would make a great project bag. Also, thank you for that Beyond Snapshots book link. I'm going to have to check that one out. Lastly, I love the look of your blog. :-)

  4. Oh, yes! I have that book, and your bag is so cute! I love those little bobbles on the bottom! Never made the bag, but we used the idea on some napkins we made for my m-i-l a couple years back...very Anthropologie!

    I am giving Beyond Snapshots to my husband for his birthday! He just got handed down a nice Nikon and isn't sure what to do with it!

  5. Oh my goodness, I'm getting so many ideas from visiting other sewers. Which is a good thing, keeps the creative juices flowing, right? The bag is adorable; I love the balls at the end of the bag too. Oh by the way... excellent work!

  6. Many of us do knitting and sewing ;) Love your bag :) You should definitely wear it over your arm to carry your crafting stuff...

  7. Very cute bag! I love that book too! Here is my sewing link (I also posted several dresses I made on Tuesday):

  8. I like the new layout of the blog! Very nice! Of course, I loved the other one too, so you really can't go wrong!

  9. Thanks Kimberly!
    I have been wanting a new look but I lack the skill/time for a major change. I have high hopes for a new logo soon...but it cost money and I have none to spare!