Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Taking Advantage

Here I am ...
In the middle of my daily RIDICULOUS blow drying marathon....
Phone beeps...
Text..."Can we cancel this morning getting the girls together.  Did you hear about the shuttle?"

Me...not wanting to appear out of touch with the outside world quickly asked Pete (who was getting ready next to me looking very handsome I might add)..."Pete, what happen to the shuttle?"

Me..being the only person in the DC area not aware that the Discovery Shuttle is going to be flown into DC this very morning, texted my friend back asking what the plan was..

30 minutes until departure was the reply...
Put down blow dryer ...which thank goodness I was already able to do....PANIC and get kids dressed....accessories gathered...you know sparkle purses...head bands....sunglasses.  All essential items for sky gazing....

My friend navigates traffic..avoids hot spots and takes us right outside the Dulles Airport.  We gather on a windy hill and await the moment of History....
With 12 children...

 Some not as happy as others...
Some who forgot to go before leaving the house..in all of our excitement..poor guy!!

Some..not understanding why we rushed out of the house, climbed a dirt hill, stood with strangers, looking at the sky waiting, just played along!

And one little girl who just likes to be in public not caring what the world around her is doing..as long as she is there in the middle.

We watched...we waited.. and we saw

People looking for something to see...and then..the moment came...and this is what we saw...except really far away (thank you zoom)

And when we realized that was as good as it was going to get..we bailed. 
When my friend texted I thought to myself...I am not sure if this is something I am DYING to see..but when she called me she was so JAZZED about it I wanted to go.  I wanted to get JAZZED about it too.  Excitement is contagious and I wanted to enjoy something that someone else was excited about.  I love when things excite people..excite people enough to excite others...it is all very...EXCITING!!

What a day...what a fun day.  Get excited about stuff..excite others!!  It's fun!!


  1. That really does sound like fun! So glad you got there! It reminds me of seeing the shuttle take off when we lived in Jax FL...it was really far off and you could only see the rockets...but still amazing to watch with the neighbors...and all that anticipation...so much fun!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. THAT is so cool and one of the reasons living in DC is so exciting! Good for you for getting out there. Another reason for my daughter to love you :-)

  3. Fun, Fun, Fun! I especially like the girl in the Franciscan University jacket! My alma mater. Yea!

  4. Oh thank you for sharing your photo shot!My neighbor called me as it was flying over our house...I missed it! She was trying to tell me to go outside and look! My phone rang twice as she ran outside and the call ended, so I thought it was a wrong number.

  5. Awww...that is exciting! And it will be a great memory for your kids one day. (especially with the fabulous photos) Lucy cracks me up! :)

  6. What a memorable experience! When I was little, we used to go watch the Shuttle land at Edwards, and once we saw it loaded up to go back to Kennedy - nearly three decades later, I'm still talking about it. So glad you got to see it!

  7. Great story! Makes me think I should take advantage of the fact I live near NASA.