Monday, April 9, 2012

My I Corinthians 13

Patient:  Knowing that one day dirty feet and dirty hands will not always seem so overwhelming

Kind:  Remembering to be the wife he deserves even if it means spending time and money on the grass

Humble: I can't have everyone like me.  People will hurt my feelings and sometimes it may actually be my fault

Selfless:  Listening to her tell me a very in depth thought about randomness amongst the very loud chaos going on around us.  Her never missing a beat and me trying to keep up with her even if I feel myself getting lost .  Me, trying to hang on to her every word so she knows I am listening..that I will always listen.

Self-Controlled:  When they come to me covered in dirt and paint for the 3rd time that day.... and me wanting to be mad because really...I kinda am.  But I is OK, go up and change...again!

Content: Being happy in the now of every day with them.  Not wishing it to go faster.  Not wishing it away.  Being happy with tired arms and  a sore back from holding a baby many hours a day.

Truth-Loving:  Knowing that sometimes I am not a good friend, not a good sister, not a good daughter...wanting to be better

Forgiving:  Smiling while someones laughs at me.  Trying to think it was out of her own folly and not trying to be mean on purpose..because why would she be??

Trusting:  That God will ...

Hopeful:  To start something new at my church that I feel could be good for Pete and I .  When my friends were here last week I was reminded of the Marriage Night Pete and I went to and thought I heard God's small voice encouraging me to bring this to our own parish....I am not always sure it is God's voice or my own intentions I hear...but I am still praying about it and becoming hopeful.

Persevering: In finishing the last weeks of home schooling and trying to not think about next year just yet.


  1. I loved's all so positive!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Love it!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  3. these pictures totally remind me of my own kids! There is a specific spot in our yard that tends, to ummm, get a pretty muddy when it rains! The kids LOVE to go out there (Even while it is raining) and get head to toe muddy while spending hours in the designated mud hole! It makes for a fun time cleaning them up but well worth the hours of entertainment that they have!

  4. I totally understand the comment about the baby always needing to be held. My last baby was like that and I felt sad that sometimes I was wishing her babyhood away!Hang in there!

  5. Beautiful. I really think God led me here to read this today, so thank you.
    The "selfless" one...boy, that's something I need to work on with my kids. They're always telling me stories, but they take forever to speak (like my husband), and if they mess up, they start telling it over again from the beginning. I get frustrated. Then I feel guilty.
    Your kids are lucky to have you!