Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Tuesday

Thank you so much for the advice and sharing of thoughts from my last post.  We are pressing on right now focusing on what we are doing now..finishing 5th grade, 3rd grade and Kindergarten.  Lucy has been dying to get on the school list so I will soon be the proud home schooling mama to 4 kids!!

I finished a skirt for Emily this week .  I am still working out my skirt making skills and I am trying to improve with each new project.  I am NOT a perfectionist AT ALL..so sometimes when I am nearing the end of a project I just PLOW through to finish.  I am getting better though...I think.

The top skirt of this double layer skirt was a bit to narrow and the underskirt was more flowy..so as cute as it is I still see what I must be more careful of when I go to make Molly's skirt.

Things have been a bit quiet for knitting.  I am working on a sweater for myself but I do not LOVE the yarn so I am slow going there.  I need a little excitement on the knitting needles to get me motivated.

A new season is upon us and I love watching the things around our new home change.  I love to see the trees go into their spring mode and begin to loose the sadness of winter.  I love to see the kids transform the afternoon into more spring dirt and water fun.  I love to see the end of the science book and thinking that I may get to rejoice in another year of home schooling completed...yippee.

My parents are almost officially moved ...my mom has been hopping around place to place and she just left us today.  Having people here is always exciting ..and sad when it is over.  We had a few months of living near family and now it is time to go back to the way it has ALWAYS been.

And this boy..this sweet baby boy.  I realize the last time I talked about him I was a little tired and worn out.  He was such a crier and super fussy.  But the heavens opened at about 8 weeks and now I have smiley, sweet, happy baby boy who loves to have us all love on him.  I have been eating him up and feeling thankful that his fussy early weeks are behind us.  It was a hard 8 weeks and now we are glowing in the after.
As much as I wanted to just enjoy his newborn age and just savour the sweet moments it was next to impossible to do.  Each time he was not sleeping he was SCREAMING!! 
We are on to phase II and I am rejoicing!!

And the girls just told me that some friends from Alabama may drive to Virginia for a visit for Spring Break...please come....please visit!! We need some good Cajun cookin'.

All this to report and it is only Tuesday....


  1. I can totally relate ~ My Sara was a screamer and it lasted about four months! All I can say is GOD BLESS YOU! It is hard when the either sleep or scream! My doctor finally gave her a medicine that helped her little stomach relax and she was an angel after that..LOVE your skirt that you made! It is just adorable! I am trying to find some time to either knit or sew and have been unsuccessful lately but I really want to make that skirt for my 13 year old...it is just too cute and I think you did an awesome job making it. Especially in light of the fact that you have a Screamer! Keep up the great work...thanks for blogging!

  2. Super cute skirt! Oh, I remember they days when my now 17 year old was a screamer. So trying at the time! Glad that phase is over for you...now the fun begins!

  3. Oh my gosh- your kids are getting so big and your baby is just adorable!! One of these days I hope our paths cross again in Florida!! P.s. I love Emily's skirt!